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More Ants! von Foxcroft, Annica (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.04.2014
  • Verlag: Overdue Press
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More Ants!

MORE ANTS! Is the sequel to the best-selling and hilarious, There are Ants in my Sugar. Set in South Africa, the first novel was a biographical romance-cum-intrigue, in which Annica, a city-slicker, was unceremoniously uprooted from her familiar life when her inventor husband lost the family fortune in a madcap scheme. Promised a tranquil, healthy life in the quiet countryside, she found she had been relocated to a rural hovel without running water or electricity, and the weeds covered the property too high to see over. Having had to say goodbye to her sophisticated city life in upmarket Johannesburg, Annica had to learn how to light a fire in the ancient Aga coal stove, or starve. Paraffin lamps and candles mask the sagging ceilings and cracked cement floors. Annica had to learn survival skills fast to make a home for her young daughter and aging husband. Living in the country is a culture shock... Most are still fighting the Anglo-Boer War of the 1900's and haven't yet forgiven the English. The eccentric neighbours of the first novel - Ben, the Jewish pig farmer, Joshua, the practising Sangoma (Shaman), the Indian Trading Store family - still maintain their vigorous presence, together with May, the indomitable Zulu maid. New and engaging characters appear; there's the earthy and resourceful Liesbet, half-Portuguese/half-Zulu, running her small farm single-handedly, with one faithful retainer, a donkey and a cart. Apie, the retired Afrikaans farmer, initially comes across as a big racist, until we learn his secret. Together, these characters draw us deeper into the South Africa of the 60's, and a 25-year old illegal love affair across the colour bar. The eccentric tiny community is now faced with a cultural problem of bewildering magnitude. But Annica has some troubles of her own and even resorts to the supernatural to rescue her ailing marriage. How they all resolve their particular crises is what leads to side-splitting comedy in this warm-hearted story of love.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 30.04.2014
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