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1961 von Greene, T. W. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.09.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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1961 a novel narrating a fast-paced, fantastical 'road trip' filled with grand historical vistas and events, memorable characters, humor, drama, and suspense. The memoir chronicles two boys' adolescent growth in the thick of a tumultuous year. Penned from the perspective of sensitive and thoughtful JACK, this journey leads the boys and the reader from idyllic childhood days in Connecticut to horrific tragedy at Seattle's Space Needle. Innocence lost. Life realized. Jack's immense heart and ever-present love for family and best friend SPENCER forge his identity and destiny. SPENCER, a self-assured adventurous middle-class son of a pilot, stoically deals with loss when his father's plane vanishes. In turn, he discovers fortitude as he globe-trots with Jack, his absolute confidant. Through a series of adventures so different from all he's ever known, Spencer learns the importance of true friendship and self-worth. Jack and Spencer are thrust into thrilling, off-beat and downright fantastic situations. They rub shoulders with noted historical figures and manage to escape the 'jaws of death' three times. Both friends are born on the same day, three hours apart. The drama begins on their birthday as the two thirteen-year-old boys nearly drown in a Connecticut river, and ends soon after the 25-year old men, passengers aboard the fateful Eastern flight 401 to Miami, crash into the Florida Everglades. This fast paced novel, 1961, transports the reader onboard their grand voyage from the family's bases; the beach house set in the dunes of Perdido Key, Florida, the mansion in Bedford Hills, New York, the four-story granite Vienna manor, and the turn-of-the-century shingle-styled cottage high atop Maine's rocky shore-lined cliffs. Head-on, the old-moneyed family faces an America gripped in racial tension, and a Europe in the heat of the Cold War. The mystery of Jack's father's occupation propels the family by plane, train, ship, and automobile. Their story is sha


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Scavenger Hunt

B oys, you're about to undertake a Scavenger Hunt. It is a hunt, not for items, but for knowledge. Outside the hotel's front door there is a cab waiting. The driver will remain with you for the entire time it takes to complete the hunt. You are to bring along your mother's Colorsnap camera and take photographs to prove you reached each of your destinations. Good luck and Godspeed.

At the Waldorf Astoria's Restaurant, behind the Men's Bar, sit two bronze statues of animals. What are they?
Also at the Waldorf Astoria, who is performing tonight in the Empire Room?
At St. Patrick's Cathedral there is a tomb for what American saint?
Also at St. Patrick's Cathedral there is a large famous Rose Window-what sits just beneath it?
In Bryant Park there is a stature of William Earl Dodge. Is his right or left leg bent?
At the Plaza Hotel located at 768 5th Avenue, find out which Alfred Hitchcock movie had the hotel as one of its locations.
In front of the NYC Public Library at 5th Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets, sit two majestic lions. They are entitled _____ & _____?
Also at the library, go up to the desk and ask for the names of two of the most famous documents in their collection. You only need two.
In Central Park there is a statue located west of East Drive and 67th Street and north of the zoo. What is the statue and what is its name?
At the 65th Street Transverse in Central Park you'll find a carousel. How many horses does the carousel have? How many chariots does it have?
We strode out of the Algonquin. A cold rush of air flew through the canyons. The chill blasted the right side of our faces as a warm breeze from the lobby played with the back of our ears and necks.

At curbside a Checker A9 taxi, with a bright yellow body and a checkered design along each side and across the roof line, waited-the sign on top read Reserved. Our driver was Mickey and within minutes we knew he grew up in Brooklyn, had three brothers, six sisters, a mother in Miami, and a father in the ground. He wore a zip-up red-and-tan short jacket straight out of an LL Bean catalogue, scuffed black thick-soled shoes, brown corduroys, red suspenders, and on his head a chauffer's cap, put there just for us. He was 28 and had a girlfriend Ginger named after Ginger Rogers. Ginger who?

As we made our left hand turn onto Park Avenue a burst of snow surrounded our taxi and brought visibility down to a car's length. The wipers slapped at full speed even though impossible to see the street lights overhead-most cars came to a standstill. Horns blared. Mickey shook his head and said he never understood why New Yorkers were so impatient.

"They always think they're late for something every second of their lives. I bet you dollars to doughnuts the heart attack rate in this city is sky high."

As soon as we pulled up to the limestone art-deco behemoth known as the Waldorf Astoria, a white-gloved doorman, umbrella in hand, pulled open our door. Spence and I ran into the lobby as a voice behind yelled out, "No running, please."

We wandered around in amazement at the sheer size of the building's lobby, comprised of registration and cashier desks. Doors led to the Empire Room and Hilton Room, the private Marco Polo Club, the Wedding Salon, the Peacock Alley lounge and restaurant, and Sir Harry's Bar . Under foot, deep pile carpets and intimate arrangements of small round tables between pairs of high-backed chairs were lit by floor lamps and tucked into coves and around bases of massive square columns.

A bellhop immediately sidled up and asked if we were lost. The next minute he proudly explained the layout. The main foyer's chandelier measured 10 feet by 10 feet. The elevators were fitted with paneled oak

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