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Angel in Waiting von Beckley, Blake (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 02.11.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Angel in Waiting

Is your family 'normal'? The answer to that probably depends on who's asking and who else is within ear shot when the question is asked. As a parent of four children, I know my answer has often been 'not a chance,' especially when one of the kids has done something without thinking, at least from my perspective. But in reality, I have to admit my family is pretty typical. Do you believe in miracles or in a 'higher power'? We all tend to have very quick yes-or-no answers to that one, even though if we thought about it, that one is much harder to honestly answer. Would you be able to tell if your family was actually extraordinary because of a higher power? That's a much tougher one and that's the one Angel-in-Waiting is all about. A lively mixture of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, Angel-in-Waiting is about growing up in an apparently normal family that is all of a sudden thrown into an extraordinary situation. If that's not enough, the family has to contend with a much deeper mystery concerning one of its own. How would your family cope with the world of Angel-in-Waiting? How close is your family to this one? Could your family just maybe be not-so-normal after all? Enjoy a fun, poignant, thought-provoking look into unexpected possibilities as you take flight in Angel-in-Waiting.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 02.11.2015
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Angel in Waiting

Prologue A funny thing happened on my way to becoming an adult...puberty! I know. I know. Everyone goes through it. But not like this. I remember dad telling us boys stories of his coming-of-age. The horror of waking up the morning of his first school dance with a crop of eruptions on his face, and the time his voice changed in the middle of a choir solo. I have to admit, that would be humiliating...but funny to watch! Things were different for Dad. He was a skinny blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy with a farmer's tan who grew up at a ranger station south of Bozeman, Montana called "Castle Rock Creek". He spent much of his time fishing the Gallatin River, hiking the trails right out his back door and chasing the many girls who were vacationing for the summer. The funniest story was about meeting this girl named Sarah McClure who was visiting with her family from Belfast, Ireland. She was a gorgeous redhead, fourteen years old and as hormonal as dad. One night dad was going to do some teepee creeping. He was supposed to crawl quietly into a pre-designated tent at 10:00 p.m. At 10:15 dad made his move. He crawled in and laid down next to Sarah, put his arm around her, then he heard a "Psst!" coming from the tent door. There stood Sarah! Dad crawled into the wrong tent! Somehow he made it out without being detected. Dad was a typical boy, he loved getting dirty, thought about girls 24/7 and dreamed of one day owning an original Ford Mustang GT 500. He had a healthy respect for his father and a fierce love for his mother. Born in 2015, dad grew up during a time of relative peace. There were wars and rumors of wars so to speak. They were always short-lived but usually not resolved. For dad, life was simple...what a difference forty years can make! Dad went on to become one of the Navy's top aviators flying the F39wASA. He also helped develop and test other air superiority aircraft. While things were going good in the U.S., our neighbors to the north and south were having problems. After years of economic downturn, corruption and civil unrest, both countries accepted an offer to secede from their respective unions and join the United States. In 2020, what many called "The Year of Vision", the people of the U.S. voted to accept Canada and Mexico as part of the U.S. In 2021, the official name of the country became "The United North American States". This made the UNAS the largest country with the largest budget in the world. In order to maintain the rights of all citizens and to see that every person was equally represented by the government, the UNAS adopted a new hybrid system of government in which the country was ruled by a "Triumvirate", that is, there are two prime ministers, one democratic and the other republican, then there is one president who is neutral. Two of the three must decide in favor of any bill for it to become law or for any executive decision. The president, though no more powerful than the prime ministers, would be the deciding entity should there be a tie. In the years since, the UNAS had become a model society. Crime was down 40%, unemployment was at an all-time low and with unified health care, our citizens no longer had to make a decision to purchase prescription medications or groceries. They could get both! While the UNAS prospered, the Middle East, parts of Europe and Asia all began to destabilize. North Korea marched on the South; the war was short lived but unresolved. Russia, who had been fighting Islamic extremists for decades, finally gained some ground when they captured some insurgents gaining valuable intel on the locations of sleeper cells and training facilities, thus shutting down their entire network...at least temporarily! In 2032, the UNAS in conjunction with Russia, Germany and the U.K., launched the first successful manned mission to Mars setting up the

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