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Artifice von Barz, Lutz (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.03.2011
  • Verlag: Lutz Barz
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Dark science fiction.


    Format: ePUB
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    Seitenzahl: 553
    Erscheinungsdatum: 26.03.2011
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781617922183
    Verlag: Lutz Barz
    Größe: 620kBytes
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Tellurium, c 20,000 BP

The last rays of the blood red sun threw its mournful rays over the doomed city. From the heights of the temple of Polaris Merduk standing next to Zohex observed the red tinted jumble of the houses, their windows afire, glowing as the sun sank over the jagged mountains towards the west. The fading light reflected off the profusion of domed public buildings, off inlaid turquoise stone and lapis lazuli's radiating like dazzling jewels a vision of glittering architectural splendour.

Tellurium arisen by the power of Zohex's coming now tottering on the brink of destruction. Zohex sent by the Deep Visionaries of distant Prima to contain on Earth the discordant mental resonance of this homicidal race from infecting Prima's universe. Containing this murderous race from developing technically as had their kin on Regum. Pacified at last. Curtailing their instinctual animalistic predilection to engage in endless wars. A feat easily accomplished by Zohex who had united the warring tribes into a unitary society now dominant on the continent.

Under threat from a dark encroaching race making their way from a land to the east beyond the ocean, intent on conquest. Lured by Tellurium's fabled wealth. Wending their way inexorably towards the stricken city.

Merduk's presence supposedly to guide Zohex's vision to be master of not just this continent but of Earth. Undisputedly so. Now threatened by an invasion of an occultly driven army intent to impose their dark dreams as they had done in their distant lands. Tellurium the final conquest. Something Zohex seemed indifferent to. Merduk puzzled by this. Zohex accepting Merduk with supine hauteur. Of no consequence which Merduk was only too painfully aware of. Zohex determined. At his apogee which was to be short-lived. Reasoning with him was hopeless. For Zohex was created. Originally a simulacrum crafted by the combined willpower of the Deep Visionaries stationed at the orbital over Prima to do Prima's will. Contain Earth. Shut down their alien excrescence which was poisoning their holy space. Threatening their unitary god by warping space with their twisted murderous exultant urge to dominate space itself. Instigating through psychic manipulation to control Prima's rightful destiny. Corrupt their race as they had corrupted themselves. Then strike across the immensity of space and bring down Prima.

The invading occult army now intent to vanquish Tellurium itself.

As they stood on the massive protective walls of the ziggurat Merduk could not help but puzzle whether Zohex had been contaminated by the evil warlords who had landed north of the city without meeting any resistance. It occurred to Merduk as he surveyed the landscape, the buildings sprawling along the coastal plain if Zohex was not himself infected by the deadly dark demented dreams of the coming invaders.

Below the populace was astir. The soldiers at their posts. Cautiously alert for Zohex had given no orders to meet the encroaching invaders. Their assumption Zohex was leading them onward for reasons as yet unexplained. Spies would be numerous. But below, in the courtyard, the streets, in front of the many temples people were uncomfortable at the inaction of the protectors whom they expected to mount some sort of defence.

Standing on the lofty parapet of the towering ziggurat, this sacred fane of the people and the now vanished priests who had withdrawn into their cells to pray for their unitary god's intervention. The murmur of the assembled below rising with nervous apprehension. For beyond the walls, towards the northern escarpment hundreds of lights were descending through the passes. Now seen by all, the agitation of the people were buzzing like angry wasps driven to a barely contained frenzied anger at Zohex's inaction.

Zohex had discarded his pri

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