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Bridgeiro von Bassett, Elaine (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.03.2016
  • Verlag: I Dream Publishing
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There hasn't been a prime minister in the history of Bridgeiro that has ever served in the military. Charles Brookfield is determined to be the first to serve and protect Sojourners and their interests while on his quest to become the next prime minister of Bridgeiro. After being enlisted into the military he discovers that he will be required to lead a unit of well-trained soldiers on dangerous missions throughout the universe. Charles and his unit must successfully complete each of their assignments in order for him to climb the ranks within the military. Once Charles reports for duty he discovers that the military operations that he we will be sent on will take place within a ruthless simulator called Sinomicron. He discovers that Sinomicron is no ordinary simulator. The simulator is utilized as a war tool in which Bridgeiro's military can learn more in depth about the human decision making process. In doing so the simulator constantly learns how to affect the outcome of future military operations so that the odds of winning a war will be in their military's favor. In order for the simulator to gather the necessary knowledge it requires it can also choose to send Charles and his unit on a real missions that are in need of assistance within the cosmos. Charles and his unit of soldiers are sent into hostile situations within the universe that other officers before them have failed to complete. While being placed in these dangerous situations Charles must rely on his intuition in order to lead his men to the triumphant completion of each operation. As he concludes each objective he learns more about himself and the life skills that will be necessary in order to be successful as the next prime minister of Bridgeiro.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 15.03.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9780988931336
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Zhanavrey climbed up the ladder and removed the false puddle that hid the entrance to his underground abode. He stepped onto the soil and looked up at Flarecrewen's red, cloudless sky. The warrior studied the area around him. Zhanavrey noted that Renato was gathering the weapons they would use for their planned hunting expedition. He ignored the man and continued to get on with his daily routine.

Renato glanced around and saw that the commander's face and upper torso was painted to camouflage himself from their prey. He winced when he noticed that Zhanavrey's body was heavily scarred from past battles. It was difficult, even for him as a past guard on his home planet, to look at the unpleasant deformities.

The man's trousers were rolled up, and were dirty and ripped. A scaled skin pouch hung from his belt. Strapped to the former commander's body were various knives and weaponry in their protective sheaths. To Renato, the man looked as though he was ready for combat instead of a routine hunting trip in the swamp. He also noted the former military officer carried a metal spear in one hand. The tip of the spear was etched with strange designs.

Renato had made inquiries in order to learn more about and to locate Zhanavrey Choacrim, before stowing away to Flarecrewen. He knew that the man had been an esteemed military commander overseeing all of the universal military branches. In the universal military, Zhanavrey's high rank meant that he was once second in command to the Interstellar P resident, Carson Jones. Not only did the former c ommander work closely with the interstellar president during his military career but he was also a sought after planetary specialist from the mysterious Kasindimis Base.

Renato reflected on his decision for enlisting Zhanavrey's help. Memories of his experience with the Suzerain began to unfold in his thoughts. He had almost lost his life during his tribe's last conflict with the depraved vermin. All of his warrior friends had been killed in that battle. Renato was left to crawl back to his village to tell the sorry tale. Once he recovered from his wounds, Renato began searching for the truth about the Suzerain and his unscrupulous deals. The man was becoming too powerful. Zhanavrey was the only man in the universe capable of helping him take on the Suzerain. He needed the former commander to guide him through the process of transmogrification.

Renato was determined to end the Suzerain's chicanery. The stakes were too high. He wasn't about to walk away and allow the Suzerain and his crooked cronies to gain control of the universal political system. If they did then he believed there would be nothing but dismal darkness and chaos foreshadowing the future of the cosmos. Renato decided that he would have to be the determining factor that tipped the destiny of the election by eliminating the current Suzerain. He believed that in doing so, the Suzerain's powerful allies would be rendered ineffective and they would be forced to remain silent.

Renato hoped that after the assassination occurred, the universal government would assess the evidence brought before them. The evidence would prove the man's cronies should be brought to justice before the universe. Then the government could reevaluate the universal role of the Suzerain. Renato further hoped the coalition would determine that power should be taken away from the Suzerain's title, or that they would at least put necessary restraints on the position. In doing so, they could insure that kind of threat would never arise again in the future. It was a noble cause worth dying for.

Renato quieted his thoughts of revenge and observed as Zhanavrey used his spear to draw a circle in the dirt around his position. Next the man forced the spear into the ground then drew his hands

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