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Heliosphere 2265, Volume 9: Decision at Nova (Science Fiction) von Suchanek, Andreas (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 29.03.2016
  • Verlag: Greenlight Press
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Heliosphere 2265, Volume 9: Decision at Nova (Science Fiction)

After countless setbacks, the tide seems to be turning for the crew of the HYPERION. They have joined the rebel fleet and are no longer alone in their struggle with the Terran dictatorship. After covert preparations by Tess Kensington and Ivo Coen, Admiral Pendergast's fleet is heading for NOVA Station. Many paths will cross once again. Old friends will return, sacrifices will be made and mysteries solved. But who will emerge victorious? Find out more about the series on our website or visit our page on facebook.

Andreas Suchanek was born in March 1982 in Germany. He was Co-Author of 'Sternenfaust', a german sci-fi series. In 2012 he became Co-Author of the dystopical sci-fi-series 'Maddrax - Die Dunkle Zukunft der Erde' and the mystery series 'Professor Zamorra - Meister des Übersinnlichen'. In November 2012 he started his own sci-fi series 'Heliosphere 2265'. The serie has been nominated for the german Phantastic Award as 'Best Series' in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


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    Verlag: Greenlight Press
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Heliosphere 2265, Volume 9: Decision at Nova (Science Fiction)

NOVA Station, Tess Kensington's quarters, Alzir System, 04 August 2266, 08:30 hours

The moment of decision was upon them. And it had arrived far too soon. Lieutenant Commander Tess Kensington slowly shook her head as she stared intently at the approaching military shuttle. The vessel was shaped like an over-sized torpedo and could transport up to four passengers. Usually the shuttles were used to transport just a single officer - the courier - but not this time.

Tess leaned back in her contour chair and switched to the camera monitoring the landing pod toward which the shuttle was making its final approach. As she had expected, Commodore Ashton and EC Lipsted were standing by to greet the new arrivals. Ashton, the station's Commandant, waited at the pod, his chest swollen with pride. The EC represented the Inner Security Police and was a man with far too much power for Tess's liking. There was an oily sheen to his bald head in the cold light of the hangar.

Alongside them stood Captain Ivo Coen, who had been appointed Commodore Ashton's deputy only days ago. It was he who had informed her that the shuttle was coming to collect Commander Zev Buckshaw on the orders of President Skolberg. Buckshaw was to be transferred to the station from the prison world of Pearl within the next few hours. There was no way he would ever arrive on Earth - of that much she was certain.

The courier shuttle landed and a man aged in his late forties exited the vessel. The insignia on his crisply starched uniform identified him as a commodore. He scowled as he stalked across the hangar floor to the assembled officers, followed at a distance by his aide, who stumbled from the ship's interior in his wake. The young man was little more than a puppy in her eyes. A puppy that had been tossed into piranha-infested waters before it had even learned to swim. His cheeks were flushed with fear and he clutched a pad to his chest like a life-buoy.

The officers struck up a conversation, but its subject was of little consequence to Tess. She turned her attention to a second display, where a real-time network intrusion map identified the nodes within the station's data network that had been successfully infiltrated by the Trojan virus. The code had infected most of the network by now, but a few modules still remained unaffected. And this fact presented her with a dilemma.

Admiral Pendergast's plan hinged on the success of the cyber-attack, which would cause the station's defenses to target the home fleet rather than the invading rebel force. The mere threat posed by the station's missile installations would bring the battle to a swift and relatively bloodless conclusion... provided the virus successfully infiltrated the entire network. But if she waited for the virus to achieve this goal before activating the signal that would launch the attack, the rebel fleet could not possibly arrive in time to rescue Zev Buckshaw and Lukas Akoskin. Instead, the two officers would either be on their way to Earth or dead.

Tess cursed aloud. Luck had been on her side so far, but now it had deserted her when she needed it most. She had little doubt that Skolberg had learned of Buckshaw's true identity following his interrogation on Pearl, and she couldn't bear the thought of Zev falling into his hands.

Is this genuinely about the greater good, or am I just looking after my own feelings?

Once the thought had entered her mind it took on a life of its own and began to eat away at her confidence. She loved Zev. Of course she did. And she wanted desperately to rescue him. But she knew that calling in the rebel fleet to save his life was not an option. Her personal feelings didn't factor into this. She had to focus on the big picture. But where did that leave the re

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