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Hoffnungslose Ziele II Anna's Crusade von Reinholz, Kevin (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 31.07.2018
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Hoffnungslose Ziele II

Hoffnungslose Ziele II: Anna's Crusade is a fantasy novel and direct sequel to Hoffnungslose Ziele: A Dark Journey of Lost Causes. The story begins in the year 1891, 23 years after the end of the main story in Hoffnungslose Ziele. Anna and Gustav, both immortal vampires at this point, have married, and are residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, having emigrated to the United States of America at the end of Hoffnungslose Ziele. Anna's seemingly happy life is turned upside down by a visit from who else but Metia, the demigoddess who helped everyone survive the events of Hoffnungslose Ziele (after endangering them in the first place). Far from the mysterious and cocky Baltic demigoddess who was introduced in the first novel, the Metia who faces Anna is contrite, nervous, and a bit jealous. She confesses that she has a grown son, and that Gustav is the father. This shocking revelation, along with evidence of a rogue vampire engaging in a Wisconsin murder spree, prompt Anna to leave her comfortable life behind and go off on a journey to face the legacy of the dark time she suffered under Jacobus, her vampiric abductor, captor, and master in 1866. Fighting her own jealously and insecurity, Anna starts a 'crusade' to find Jacobus' other victims and save them from damnation as Gustav and Metia saved her a lifetime ago. Along the way, she discovers a great deal about herself, and questions much of what she had once believed. Meanwhile, a vampire from the ancient world with immense power and an army of demons has gathered every evil thing to him, and started a hunt for Gustav and Metia's son, M?lan, and his descendants. Anna's personal crusade and Metia's fates thus become intimately intertwined as they face this common enemy and seek to protect who and what they love most in this world.


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Hoffnungslose Ziele II

28 May 1891 (Thursday), Diary of Anna Maria Strehl.

At Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America:

I've spoken with Christine, or rather, "Alina." It is still very difficult for me not to think of my best friend as Christine Elisabeth Gauger, but she has fully embraced her new identity as the Goddess Alina, complete with shirking human clothing for her magical, self-made covering of giant lotus flower petals.

I needed my husband's help to call her. I suppose it might have been possible to send a telegram using the wonderful technological advances of humanity-thanks to Gustav and my brother's ideas about wheat farming, my husband's and my supernatural speed and strength when it comes to harvesting unnaturally large crops without the aid (initially) of expensive machinery, and very good investment advice from Johann and his husband back in the Old Country, we have amassed a comfortable amount of wealth. By placing that wealth into a "corporation," details Johann for the most part handled for us, we've managed to indirectly own the means to acquire multiple residences in which a "young" couple such as ourselves can seek refuge without arousing suspicions among the urban mortals about our complete lack of aging. Johann expressed confidence that Gustav and I might live, anonymously, in a large city indefinitely, the effects of modernity helping, not hindering, our need to conceal our true natures.

Yes, I could have afforded to send a brief telegraphic message across that wondrous transatlantic cable. Perhaps someday it might even be possible-as wild as it seems right now-to communicate by voice using Bell's magical-seeming telephone device across similar distances. If electricity and indoor plumbing are a reality for the newest urban refuges of the wealthy, why not personal telegraph devices or even telephones as well?

For the time being, though, we had another way to instantaneously reach out across the Atlantic to my best friend. Gustav careful wrote out a small prayer scroll in ancient pagan symbols as I fought the urge to cross myself, then burned the scroll in a candle's flame as we both concentrated on my best friend.

Within moments, Christine- Alina- was standing in our midst. Seeing her there with her radiant, platinum blonde hair, her skin a small sun emanating life-giving warmth and comfort, and her body covered only by flowers-giant violet lotus flower petals that sprung out of her back like wings, wrapped across her breasts and most of her midsection, leaving her navel slightly exposed, and an entire giant lotus flower sprouting out of her waist and, half closed, forming a skirt that covered her lower half to just below her knees. She was barefoot as always since her impossible return from Hell, and half a dozen or more normal-size lotus flowers attached to vines decorated her shoulders, her hair, and the top half of her body. She looked every bit an angel, or more correctly, a goddess.

"Christine!" I blurted out, rushing over and embracing my friend warmly. Any fear of how I might react to seeing her after knowing what her daughter and my Gustav had done was instantly dispelled by the sight of my best friend.

Alina put an arm around me, then grasped my arms and pulled back just enough to study my face. "You look...well..." she said absently, then broke out into the kind of grin I was accustomed to from our mischievous teenage days back in our hometown of Weizen.

"Gustav..." she added, nodding slightly to my husband.

"My Lady," he replied formally, bowing slightly. "It gladdens my heart to see you, but I suspect my wife wishes to speak with you alone. By your leave, then," he added, moving towar

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