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In Desperate Search of the Lesser Spotted Pink Salamander from Ghangi Blah von Duroe, Andy (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
  • Verlag: fairydome
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In Desperate Search of the Lesser Spotted Pink Salamander from Ghangi Blah

Epic fantasy tale, take a magical journey to a land where only the brave dare to open their eyes!


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    Seitenzahl: 284
    Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781609849368
    Verlag: fairydome
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In Desperate Search of the Lesser Spotted Pink Salamander from Ghangi Blah

Journey to Tajmaharim

Chapter two

On a large planet, a very large planet, far away, very, very far away, a small boy lay star spread and all alone in the pink sands of a distant forsaken desert, forgotten by time and legends. The sky was green, the land was flat. Three mighty Suns hovered proudly in the endless skies of Ghangi Blah. Miadera, Avadera, and Seneeka were the fiery slaves that brought dawn and day to the largest rock in the Eathernome. In a cycle born only of chaos they swirled in random idiosyncrasy around the great planet. Days were short, days were long and some times days would not come at all, as they gave respite to their blistering rays, and rendered there almighty dominance to their younger sister-moon, Caisa.

Wiff raised himself cautiously to his haunches. There was a metallic taste in his mouth, and beads of salty sweat blistered on his worried face as he scanned the horizon. Not sure if he was dreaming or had died or been reborn, he mentally pinched himself and shook his head to rid his mind of the dizziness that muffled his awareness. As the glistening mink of pink sand fell from his hair, slowly the reality of his predicament flooded his confused, throbbing mind.

Only a few hours ago he had been sitting in the warmth and safety of the home he knew and resented so well. But now here he sat all alone, what or where this place was he did not know. In Etheria the furthest thing his virgin eyes had ever gazed upon was the tree top canopies of Cran but now he felt lost in forever as the great horizon that blazed before him charged onward and away into eternity. 'Tis a well known customary saying that people only think as far as they can see, to think further than the horizon of this strange land one would need a heard of wild crazy horses and then some more, a skill not yet fully developed in his closeted young mind.

Slowly Wiff's pulse lessened itself from a painful throb to a manageable palpitation, and, rising to his feet, he gazed through blurry sand-rimmed eyes, as reality slowly gripped his quibbled thoughts.

As far as he could focus there was sand, pink sand and rocks, randomly pickled with small pink craters about the height of a man's fist. The only sound to be heard was a belly curdling silence and even though Miadera and her two brothers where still low in the sky the heat was becoming unbearable. For sure this was not a place he would willingly linger or dare to wait for passersby.

With a dry cucumber lump rising slowly in his throat he started to walk, the hot sand burning his shoeless feet with every aimless step. Wiff's awaking thoughts were bound to fear, but slowly anticipation began to fill him, a sense of adventure that he had yearned for all his life was slowly awakening inside him and gave power to his stride. This certainly would not be a day to end in mind-crushing boredom like so many before it.

Whether he was walking for hours or miles he was not sure, but every thing looked the same. In all directions the monotony of pink sand blended into a glazed unfathomable mirage.

Wiff was in need of water, his lips chafed in the heat and his feet began to bleed as the pinks sands of Gutan burned into his swollen soles. But undeterred he held tightly to the book of hope and security he carried faithfully in his tunic pocket, the book of Aaron that he irrevocably trusted would carry him and his quest to safety.

Wiff mumbled to him self as he strolled alone in the great wilderness of the Gutan sands. Wiff's mind was full of quibbly curiosity, 'where would this journey lead him? Surely Orian had not sent him here only to die of thirst alone in this great pink desert, to be remembered merely as food for the buzzards. Surely this would be a journey of legends, a story that would be proudly hoarded by the wise and

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