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Masters of life and the universe A concept about instant self replicating towns and cell ( micro)robots von Kozycz, Pawel (eBook)

  • Verlag: Pawel Kozycz
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Masters of life and the universe

Superfast cloning self-replicating technology for urban, cosmological, medical purposes as salvage or hecatomb for an entire civilization, Earth, space. Explosion speed of two-way( for macro and micro versions) development of cell robotic mega towns for shaping our life and the whole environment - the universe in harmony with natural technology(like a cell or big bang!) path of development. Pawel Kozycz - Independent futuristic writer. Project about new concepts of use economically, technologically tools for reshaping environment for ecologic and development goals by space explorations, medical matters. moonnowcom.blog , Books ' Masters of life and universe', '100 verses for life and space re-creation', 'Neo Creation of Life and Space/Matter or Bricks of Micro Drone Revolution'.


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Masters of life and the universe

3. Conscious citizenship in universe environment

The "moon" construction - first on earth - should start from organizationally matters. First of all, it is about the ordinary situation of extraordinary construction foundations for waking up, stimulating - activate - awareness and instinct of (better) life of scientists, technologists, citizens. Create organizational foundations for civilization jump that more precisely could fit our individual and collective needs, dreams and of course potentially enormous opportunities. And all this with exclusion of religious and national artificially barriers. A global "environmentally, cosmic-friendly" foundation based on a voluntary partnership of scientists, technologists, doctors and all citizens - something like the Doctors Without Borders - would become a model of public relations for now and tomorrow, here on earth and in space. It would take - in next future - over from today's systems (governments, economy), to a smooth degree, all most important public, and economic, developing functions.

I cannot impose this or other projects gave the whole world, and every citizen individually. So by the way I offer ways that give every citizen tool to decide about this or another enterprises support.

This project includes changes about the position of a citizen, which he or she would like to take part in this "moon" or what possible public enterprise. And not only comes here in the open participation of the help of phone applications but also mutual support economically.

Those interested more accurately on this social-economic issue of the "moon" enterprise, they can trace attention to this part below in this "lunar tale" nor 3.

Developing of citizens involvement for more equitable environment resources Public (economically) toll for conscious shaping own entire environment space and whole future. Awareness of mutually needs of both sides of consumer citizens and of other sides capitalists. We should find out language/right tools to work out at the right level of communications between both sides. I propose outline and suggestions for a more democratic style of our local and global politics considering social, economic and civic poverty. Climate and other global, cosmic issues that are very important for better development of the world and any citizen's needs separately.

Alternative for a capitalist model of development could be the implementation of environment global tax system, that would award new pro-environment, pro-development global or cosmic positively enterprises (new Investments, new technology and so on). All in the assumption of international conferences, organizations like UN, EU, states multi-agreements, but also take in big consideration of all citizens (vote) voices part without their participation, all afforded enterprises will be finished with wrong effects. Governance of only economic, political technocratic groups in today's world is not enough.

We all should use new technologies and take chances of making our world out of stagnancy social and technological common good. We cannot speak about ethics of relationships without the right development of democratic and economical awareness of mutual needs of both sides of consumer citizens and of "another" side, the "capitalists", of course in bigger or smaller variations. Every person represents needs and behavior of "another" sides. Not economics animal language but a progressive human language is the right way towards more ethical relationships of our global present society for new communications' renaissance after already 600 years old of printing renaissance of communication. But everything would fail if citizens wouldn't have a chance to directly take part in the global enterprises - tax-decisions.

Well elaborating dialog (not monologue of economics' technocrat's politicians) language can be key to improve the effectiveness o

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