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Perry Rhodan Lemuria 3: Exodus to the Stars von Brandhorst, Andreas (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 03.12.2015
  • Verlag: Perry Rhodan digital
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Perry Rhodan Lemuria 3: Exodus to the Stars

Perry Rhodan has discovered a huge space ship, an ark in space, carrying a population of humans who set out on their journey 55,000 years ago, from Earth - Lemurians, the legendary forefathers of mankind. A virus, prepared by the creator of the arks long ago, sends Perry Rhodan into a coma and takes him on a mental journey 55,000 years into the past. Rhodan finds out there are more arks than he has known about - he becomes a witness to the birth of the arks of the stars...


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: watermark
    Seitenzahl: 320
    Erscheinungsdatum: 03.12.2015
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9783845333762
    Verlag: Perry Rhodan digital
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Perry Rhodan Lemuria 3: Exodus to the Stars


Roder Roderich

Two large starships trailed behind the four crawlers. Both ships were spherical, though one had an equatorial rim while the other was flattened at the poles: the PALENQUE and the LAS-TOOR. On the displays and screens in front of Roder Roderich, they shrank along with the planet on which the largest part of the star ark LEMCHA OVIR had crashed.

"Crawler I to PALENQUE," Catchpole's voice said from the hypercom speaker. "Confirming full operational readiness."

The two other crawlers also reported, then Roderich called in. "Crawler IV here, Grandma. Everything is operating perfectly for us, too."

"If you call me 'Grandma' again, Junior, I'll wring your neck." The image on the display changed and showed the commander of the PALENQUE, Sharita Coho, who was more than seventy years old. Her dark, almond-shaped eyes flashed as she gave him a feigned angry look and pointed her finger threateningly at him.

"It'd be easier for you to try that on my long-necked companions," Roderich replied and grinned. "Catch you later, Grandma!" He switched off the transmission channel.

Something chirped behind him.

"You forgot to turn on the Translator again, Yu'lli," Roderich said.

There was a slight click, then an impressive bass voice could be heard. "Someday it will be too much for her and then she will make her threat a reality. And my name is not Yu'lli, but Yu'lhan-Nyulzen-Y'sch-Takan-Nyuel."

Roderich raised his eyebrows in surprise, then turned and looked at the Blue. "You did that on purpose."


"Programmed the Translator to speak in such a deep voice. It almost sounds like it came from a grave."

"I feel quite alive. In contrast to you when Sharita finally really does blow her top, as you so quaintly put it."

Yu'lhan sat two meters behind the pilot at the complex controls of the scanning systems, with his back to Roderich. He did not need to turn around, of course, since his disc-shaped head, almost half a meter in diameter and only about ten centimeters thick, had two ellipsoid eyes at the back.

A second Blue came out of the tiny laboratory area at the stern of Crawler IV, ducking through a doorway that was too low for him. Tru'lhan-Nyulzen-Y'sch-Takan-Nyuel, called Tru'lli by Roderich, was two meters and twelve centimeters tall, exceeding his brother by exactly ten centimeters. There was yet another difference: a yellow spot over the front right eye. Apart from that, they seemed to Roderich as identical as two peas in a pod.

He smiled as something occurred to him. "Has anyone ever called you 'the Blues Brothers?'" he asked.

"I suspect that is some sort of humorous reference," Yu'lhan said in his deep, sepulchral voice.

"We do not understand why you always attempt to be humorous," Tru'lhan said, his Translator set to a normal vocal range. He was inclined to speak for his brother as well.

"Because life is so serious, you'd have to break down crying if there wasn't something to laugh about now and then," Roderich replied. His smile grew wider as he looked at the Blues. Yu'lli and Tru'lli were among his best friends, not just among the prospectors of the PALENQUE, but overall, and no matter what others may have claimed, Blues did have expressions. Of course, they were very subtle, but Roderich thought he could make out the half-hidden hints. No matter how serious and solemn Yu'lli and Tru'lli pretended to be, they also enjoyed the little verbal duels. "I often have the feeling that only Catchpole understands me. He doesn't have such a narrow viewpoint."

"It is true that humans have only two eyes," Yu'lhan said, "but it is still a mystery to me how you can see things 'narrowly.'"

"Say, Yu'lli, what are you-a Maahk disguised as a Blue? We should test your breath for traces of methane."

"I merely wished to p

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