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Ruvinsphere von Bassett, Elaine (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.02.2015
  • Verlag: I Dream Publishing
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After graduating from high school, Charles Brookfield attends the mysterious Brahmsley University. His college roommate, Josh Van der Heijden, introduces him to a fast-paced Sojourner sport that intrigues Charles from the moment he observes the senior team playing the unusual game. Ruvinsphere is a strategic sport played on a multi-level battlefield. Half of the teams' players utilize specialized flying disks that are designed to fly at incredible speeds and yet take punishment from the opposing players. In order to win, the players must be as creative as their imaginations will allow and be able to endure the physical demands of the game. Playing the game, learning about teamwork and continuing to discover more about the universe while attending Brahmsley University helps Charles learn some very important life lessons that will be beneficial to him in his quest to complete his apprenticeship for the job of prime minister of Bridgeiro.


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After the knights and their families returned to the Kingdom of the Last Dragon, they made plans to stay, making Bridgeiro their home . Virgil de cided to set up an organized system for the knights and their family members to learn about the craftsmanship of the old ways . Even though everyone was expected to try all the professions used by craftsmen, each person seemed to naturally fall into a specific useful trade that fit his or her unique talents . The children began attending the school that Elov set up near her home . After their lessons, the students were also expected to apprentice in a trade for a short period of time . Life in the kingdom seemed to settle into a predictable and peaceful rhythm of a well-run small village.

Gabriel appeared to be the only knight that excelled in all of the trade areas . He dabbled in everything and went from job to job helping others when needed . The other artisans often sought the knight out for advice . Virgil soon realized that everyone looked up to Gabriel as a nat ural leader . It was no surprise to him because from the beginning he had noticed that Gabriel was just like his forefather, who was also the unspoken leader and peacekeeper of his knights.

The other knights were the first to notice Gabriel ' s routine . The men teased that they always knew where he would end up at the end of the day, helping out at Elov ' s trade shop . The knights ' wives figured out what was going on, even though they denied it, by the way the couple playfully flirted and always had their eyes on each other . Even the children were whispering about the couple they had come to adore.

The Queen of England continued to visit the kingdom, as her schedule would permit . She was enthusiastic about the changes that were occurring on Bridgeiro since the knights had returned with their families . T he queen began helping the community plan a vision for their future . She had supplies delivered to the kingdom in order to help carry out their goals . In doing so, t he monarch was becoming more instrumental in the larger plan that was beginning to take shape.

To Virgil ' s surprise, while the group was havi ng a discussion at lunch one day , the queen informed everyone that she had sent out a secret inquiry commission in order to discover useful tradesmen and capable women who might be interested in building a new life for themselves on Bridgeiro . Virgil and the queen were pleasantly surprised when they received an enthusiastic response from the others . The knights and their families considered her plans to be just what the kingdom needed in order to once again flourish . Everything seemed to be falling into place . A new and prosperous way of life was beginning to emerge for the kingdom.

After several months of screening the candidates, the commission began slowly sendin g people over to the new

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