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The Doorkeeper's Secrets von Morrow, E. L. (eBook)

  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Doorkeeper's Secrets

Secrets abound in 2094. The welfare of human life hinges on the behind-the-scenes actions of five people: a medical researcher, a former-CIA agent, a U.S. Senator, a disgraced military officer, and Marie, a Doorkeeper. People are not always what they seem. Marie's secrets include some unusual abilities she is just discovering. She must solve the mystery of her origins, the extent of her capabilities and the agenda others would force on her if they uncover her true identity. It's a lot of stress on a 19-year-old in the first week of her first job.


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The Doorkeeper's Secrets

4:52 am CDT

"Good morning, I am Marie, your new Doorkeeper."

"What? You said, new Doorkeeper! Where's Phillip?"

"He now occupies a 'hole of completion.'"

"Oh no! Dead...? What happened? Do you know anything more?"

"No, ma'am, not at this time."

"I'm sorry ... I was ... surprised. Of course, you just arrived. P lease tell me, if you learn anything else.

"Certainly. It is permitted."

"I apologize. I'm not making your first day easy. Are you on probation?"

"Yes, it is standard procedure."

"My apology to your supervisor. I'm 'Ava' leaving for work: Counseling Sector, Building 2, Office 18, returning at 7:00 pm. Is this your first position?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"I wish you well. And welcome to Wichita."

"Thank you, Ava. My record indicates your name is spelled E-v-a."

"Your data is correct. My name is Eva . But when I posted here the 'Counseling Sector' already had an Eva, so I became Ava . Oh, since this is your first day you don't have access to history. My husband, I mean mate , will not need door services today. He is in Philadelphia for a conference and will not return until Friday afternoon or Saturday."

"Thank you, Ava. Your door is now activated."

"Thanks, Marie. By the way, are you mated?"

"No, I am unmated."

"Any prospects?"

"I've had 20 mate screening sessions, and am waiting to qualify for others."

"All 20? Any pre-confirmation encounters?"

"Yes, six with no follow-ups."

"No sparks?"

"None for me."

"How old are you?"


"Again I apologize, I'm not just nosey-I primarily counsel young women with mating issues. Perhaps we could talk? In a few days; you are busy, and I'm late."

"Thank you, Ava. I look forward to an appointment once my schedule is known. Your door is reactivated."

"Thanks again. Pleasant day."

"May your day bring insight to those you counsel."

The latch clicks as Ava pushes the front door open and walks to the waiting transportation pod. A more metallic clank follows as the lock engages, securing Ava's home from intrusion.

Marie thinks this's exhilarating; my first door, on my first day. After four years of study, I finally work with real doors. It feels natural. More sleep would help. That will come.

The camera directed toward me is active. Momentarily Supervisor will critique me. In the meantime, I'll glance at my new surroundings.

The console is in the bend of an "L-shaped" living/dining space. The entry is opposite. Dining to my left. Love the large oak table in the dining area. Did my predecessor entertain often?

There's the hallway I took to the shower passing the kitchen and my bedroom; I'll see them eventually.

Yuk, that tan sectional sofa is awful. Central Services only had time to change the bed to my specifications. All other furniture was Phillip's. Now I may keep or replace any of it.

Through the speaker, Supervisor says, "Very professionally handled. You responded to her concerns; revealed appropriately with nothing out of bounds; were not rushed or impatient. You gave ample opportunities for the door to end the conversation; were friendly, efficient and laid a foundation for a future developing relati

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