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The Mythical Emblems of Gragodon. Vol.5 von Gopalakrishnan, Venkataraman (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.09.2014
  • Verlag: Venkataraman Gopalakrishnan
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The Mythical Emblems of Gragodon. Vol.5

Sinaria, daughter of Anamarias and Sareena of Lamiras, finds herself amidst strange and dark surroundings. Coming upon the spirit personalities of Mondilozar, Naevalona, Tormari and Lord Kragbot, the realization sinks in that she has mysteriously entered into the netherworld of spirit beings. Realizing that Sinaria possesses a powerful amulet, the netherworld entities try their utmost to seize the same from her. Because the kings of Lamiras, Meldovia and Varnosia need to be in their respective kingdoms to protect their subjects and keep the peace, the queens of the three kingdoms, their children and Lorrday, monarch of Orvidea leave on a quest to seek out the parallel realm of the smaller-sized ZoVog peoples. Instead, they come upon LoJadr, royal Sorcerer of LoMun realm, who captures them. He is intent on basking in the glory of having outwitted and overcome mighty adversaries of the giant world of humans. In the meantime, the land of Solma becomes divided into two parts; one belonging to the reptila - large lizard-like creatures which walk upon their hind legs; and the other, ruled by the woman warriors of the Sol Hills. In the nondescript hamlet of Bel Thray, Navlon masters the art of forging bangles. He lives there in peace with himself, not having once worn the Black Bangle in all the years there. To his consternation, he finds the coveted Black Bangle stolen from him. He is enraged and seeks out the Sorcerers who had dared to undertake such a deed. The monarchs of Lamiras, Meldovia and Varnosia come again upon Lord Dalgon and his stone warriors. Their encounter results in tragedy for one amongst the brave stalwarts. Sinaria, Lord Kragbot and Mondilozar return to the mortal plane. To make matters worse for the good peoples, the greatest evil lord reveals himself to the gaze of the Destroyer race of peoples. Lord Drakileon knows that he cannot be overcome even by the collective powers of all the five Gragodonian Emblems. Luudva, ordained lead


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 11.09.2014
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9789810797874
    Verlag: Venkataraman Gopalakrishnan
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The Mythical Emblems of Gragodon. Vol.5

Ending of Volume 4 of
The Mythical Emblems of Gragodon

All Over Again

Some days after the heart-rending sight of Lady Jasmina's sturdy frame being engulfed in flames, Lord Maldi and his warrior lords beheld a distant boat approaching from the direction of the notorious kingdom of Lavadea. With fear lurking in their hearts, they watched the silent arrival of the vessel, puzzled that there was not an armada of ships following behind.

Two women picked themselves up as their craft moored against the Lamirian shoreline. They were not surprised to behold armed warriors coming towards them, ascertaining the reasons for their arrival. When the women were brought before him, Lord Maldi immediately rose to welcome his guests, hardly was he able to believe the sight fronting his gaze.

"The Sovereign of Solma will always be a welcome sight in this kingdom. And who else do we have the honour to receive, my lady?" Maldi wanted to know.

Yuleyae answered on behalf of the quieter than usual person beside her.

"Behold, Lord Maldi! Beside me stands Sareena, warrior maiden of the sea, who has captured the heart of the valorous monarch of this realm."

The introductions from both sides were soon over and done with when Maldi broke the news of their imminent peril from the Droll lord and his droll hordes.

"You have nothing now to fear from Lavadea, Lord Maldi," Yuleyae brought forth the welcome tidings. "The danger has been averted by the intervention of one, from the race of Puyrruh. I believe she was known by the name of Jasmina."

"Lady Jasmina? But I do not behold her form in your august company," Maldi was quick to add.

The moments passed quickly while Yuleyae narrated the details of their encounter with Prince Angulor, and the heroic sacrifice by Lady Jasmina, which eventually resulted in the Droll lord being made whole again.

"Lady Jasmina's statuesque form burned of itself, right before our eyes," Lord Benotha disclosed. "We were helpless to prevent the unwholesome deed, so searing were the flames. All we could do was watch, until only ashes remained of the brave Puyrruh."

"But where have the lords, Marias and Irah, ventured off this time, if I may hasten to ask?" Lord Jel asked the obvious.

"I would like to believe that they have been reunited with Lord Daas, in the kingdom of Solma, my lord," Yuleyae answered. "Like the wind was I whisked away from Solma to face the Droll lord. So were the kings of Lamiras and Meldovia despatched in similar fashion. The three Emblem bearers will have come together, at long last, to rid my kingdom of Kragbot and his vile reptila."

The welcome tidings had been worth all their effort in preparing for the arrival of the enemy. With relief, evident upon their faces, the armies of the Lamirian realm made to return to their respective stations in the kingdom, while the two warrior maidens accompanied Lord Maldi towards Castle Len.

Around the sturdy walls of Sol Lemo, the evening wore on and it was becoming evident that Lord Kragbot's large army had met with defeat at the hands of the smaller, but more powerful rebel command. In whichever direction one turned to look at, only the groans of the injured enemy met thei gaze. The warriors from the Sol Hills and Korgul's reptila now sought out the gravely wounded, amongst the enemy prisoners. These were put to the sword, to end their torturous misery once and for all.

The night proved to be equally tiring. Being an opportune moment for escape, many reptilian warriors fled into the protective cover of the dark night. By this time, Captain Yashti's warriors had already made themselves known to the reptila from the fort. Together they strode forth, scouring the surrounding land

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