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The Neutral Point von Wallace, S. A. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 16.12.2013
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Neutral Point

Five boys accidentally cross into an alternate world (called a phase) that soon turns into a series of alternaties while they encounter many dangers and creatures in their attempt to get back home. Each phase they enter contains life forms that offer their assistance toward their journey home even though none of them understand the phases or how they work until they are rescued by an alien ship whose crew appears to have all the answers.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 16.12.2013
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483514079
    Verlag: BookBaby
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The Neutral Point

Chapter One


The sun was excruciatingly hot. One could see the heat ripples radiating in the air. The leaves on the trees and the grass were actually being sucked dry even though ground moisture was ample.

The gloves and baseball bats rested motionless in the grass where they were tossed over an hour earlier. It was even too hot to play ball. In fact, it was too hot to do anything except what they were doing; sitting in the grass beneath a shade tree.

They were all lost in their respective daydreams.

Mike was lying on his back watching the leaves on the trees rolling up. He was toying with his glasses and thinking about fishing. The last time he went was about two weeks ago with his dad. They did not catch anything, as often was the case, but it was sure a lot of fun! "One of these days we're really gonna get into a bunch" he thought. "I can see it now, a state record largemouth bass taken on worm and jig! Boy, I could have it mounted and put on the wall in my room!" A huge grin crossed his long, thin face and he rested both hands behind his head and sighed aloud.

John sat beside him thinking about would be for lunch. John was a little on the heavy side and it seemed like he was always thinking about what was for lunch. "Man, am I hungry!" he was thinking. "I hope mom has something good like a bologna sandwich and some chips or maybe one of those special sandwiches she makes with different kinds of meat and some lettuce.... and for dessert, a big slice of strawberry cream pie! I just helped her pick fresh berries yesterday so maybe she'll make one." His stomach began to talk to him as he thought about it.

Jim was watching a plane cutting through the brilliant blue sky with the sun glinting off of it. It made him think about UFO's and the possibility of life somewhere else in space. "That would be soo-o-o-o rad if a space ship landed here right now and we met some friendly aliens and they gave us a ride in their spaceship!"

Paul was imagining himself a sports hero. The house was packed and the crowd was on their feet cheering. It was the bottom of the ninth, two men were out, bases were loaded and they were down by three! The youngster stepped to the plate - a tuff spot for a rookie with the pennant on the line. The pitcher wound up and released a fastball. It came in high and tight ... ball one! He stepped away from the plate and adjusted his helmet. Here came the second pitch ... another fastball down and away for a strike! The rookie gave a long look to the third base coach. The third pitch came back inside for strike two! He dug in with his pivot foot and prepared himself. The third base coach was telling him to watch for the sucker pitch - an intentional ball designed to get him to swing and miss. The pitcher had a smile on his face. The catcher sat up on the outside corner and then quickly slid back to the middle. All he could think was "Watch the ball, don't guess the pitch!" The pitcher released the ball. Everything seemed like it was in slow motion. The pitch wasn't a sucker pitch, but a change-up down the middle. Paul kept his eye on the ball and waited. It seemed like minutes went by before the ball got to him. He turned on his pivot foot and swung at the ball with everything he had. Ka-Pow! The ball left his bat like a bullet and shot over the wall in straight away center. The crowd nearly brought the stadium down...

Ray was eyeing an ant war. It was really interesting to watch and reminded him of the days of knights riding into battle. There must have been a thousand on each side fighting, biting and trying desperately to drive the other side back. Hundreds of bodies were already strewn about the tiny battlefield but neither side appeared to be winning as of yet. As his eyes roamed across the panorama beneath him, a small group caught his attention. These ants looked different f

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