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Trae: Earth's Twin Planet Exposed! von Hanks, W. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.10.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Trae: Earth's Twin Planet Exposed!

In this science fiction novel, a member of a top secret group of men who know about Earth's Twin Planet finally breaks his silence after decades of participation in the group. He feels he must share what he knows before he dies because he is no longer afraid of the threat to his afterlife. He reveals how the Roswell incident and Area-51 are linked to the discovery of the Internet. How the Egyptian pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle are connected to the wars in the Middle East. And, most importantly, how the creation of the human being is all part of an experiment that is about to end with total eradication of all humanity. The government knows about all of this and will not intervene. But only by having this knowledge is there even the smallest chance to avoid complete extermination of the human race by a being that has been monitoring the Earth since the comet hit 65 million years ago.


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Trae: Earth's Twin Planet Exposed!


I am writing this because for many decades I have had to live with keeping a secret that is so important that it has to do with why the human race exists and the human being's life after death. What I've had to keep bottled up in me is having the same knowledge as some of our top government officials have (or used to have). And that is the knowing of the eventual extermination of all human beings, and the breed of intelligent beings that we are. The government knows that it is coming, but all they do is keep spying on us by means of the internet that was not created by man. Because our government has taken on its own non-human existence that it really does not care about the people anymore. And very soon our own government will not intervene, or may even assist when the mass extermination of the human being starts, and does not end until there will be no human beings on the face of Earth. And when this is finished, and the human being is totally extinct, there still will be a fully functioning and operating government on Earth.

This is just one of many reasons I am attempting to write this information down in one complete document before I die. I've been writing this in an organized way (or book form) for a few years now, by going through stacks of notes that I've written down over many decades of meeting with other people that know about all of this. If I am going to expose this story, I am going to have to publish this, and put it out to the public without any type of formal editing, because I'm sick and running out of time.

I am writing this as more of a story, so the reader will have something to read other than a list of notes I've taken down for many years. I hope by this means the reader will continue to finish this book so the facts are read. You may think that this is a total fictional story. But it is not. There are many facts. I have filled in some of the timelines with theories that I and my friends have had over the years to keep the story flowing. These friends are some of the most intelligent and informed people in the world. So their theories are worth putting into this story. My main goal is to inform you of what is going to happen in the near future, and what you take from it will change you as a person. I am not saying that I have the ability to predict the future, but keep a copy of this and put it away after you finish reading it. Then two or three years later you will start seeing some of the subjects that you thought were fiction will actually be fact. It may even happen as little as 6 months after you finish reading this.

People need to know that the Roswell, NM space-craft crash did happen, and it was the worst thing that could have ever happened to the human race. You also need to know how many things are related to that event. For one, what's under the pyramids in Egypt is the reason why they are made of such large stones, and are the reason for so much un-rest in the Middle-East. The same problems of horrific acts of violence, like school shootings and other mass shootings in the United States are the result of what's under the Atlantic Ocean the area that is known as "The Bermuda Triangle" or "The Devil's Triangle." The internet is not man-made, and we never should have tapped into the internet "cloud." And it is only common sense to realize that these problems in the USA started when the internet started, and are increasing as the internet usage increases. People need to know that all these topics and events are related to that space-ship that crashed in 1947 at Roswell, NM. Even the assignation of President John F Kennedy is related to all of this.

The creation of the human being started out as an experiment around 50 thousand years ago for our neighboring twin planet to better understand their past and their evolution that led them to almost self-destruct their entire race of i

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