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Virtual Quantum Collapse von Barz, Lutz (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.06.2011
  • Verlag: Lulu/Lutz Barz
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Virtual Quantum Collapse

2047pp Prima: Autocratic, theocratic, bent on dominating her sister planet Regum who are high techheads. Into hyper-web-space which threatens Prima's psychic domination. Then came the Discrepancy. Of interest to Arktians who ponder as to what is changing the phase-state of space. They send in 3 agents: Ung the base-line, Ratze the investigator & Nervina as back up. The Reganians discover life on Mars. Under Prima's psychic influence. Compounded by Earthers who appear as psychotic maniacs who must be stopped. But then Regum sees things differently to Prima. The struggle to dominate not just worlds but the very fabric of space, and thus life, will see an epic conflict with tragic as well as heroic consequences.


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: AdobeDRM
    Seitenzahl: 2047
    Erscheinungsdatum: 30.06.2011
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781447766681
    Verlag: Lulu/Lutz Barz
    Größe: 2110kBytes
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Virtual Quantum Collapse


Roshati one of a team of astronomers surveying space was thunderstruck by an implausible thought. They were manning an array of consoles on the Orbital over Prima's spaceport. Watching the view screens and the great emptiness opening up amongst the receding stars on the spiral arm of their galaxy. The vision of eternal darkness merely an interlude beyond which lay something else. Ever watchful, constantly vigilant they monitored the alien resonance. A field which had appeared out of the depths of the void. Alien because it was encoded with a teeming dark intelligence inimical to their future and their present state of mind: threatening their mental, their spiritual consciousness. Its source an inimical race in distant space.

But that was not what bothered Roshati. The Deep Visionaries up in space were heroically holding the insane ingress at bay. Nor had that malignant infusion penetrated the resonant envelope surrounding and protecting Prima. The sum of their spiritual essence keeping the madness at bay. The connection her mind had just made was a different summation. One she would have to disguise for what she was considering. What had just occurred to her went against everything they had been taught. It made her nervous with anxious apprehension. She felt flushed. Her brain completely taken by the revelation. She could barely focus on the screens, hardly noticing the steady readouts that had been constant ever since the first photon beams had entered their universe from beyond space itself. If what she suspected was more than just coincidence then everything they had been told was one vast cosmic lie.

As astronomers they were an elite. Their knowledge sacred, since they kept check on the health of their universe. For dispersed like an ether throughout all space there resided in awesome mystery: the Great Divine Mind, the Supreme Essence, the Cosmic Consciousness. Threatened by this alien mind field relentlessly pouring its twisted essence into their space. Its origins might be known to the Ecclesiastics, the highest of divine minds and the Divines who ran the Deep Visonaries. They probably knew who or what was behind this infestation. As astronomers they were there to keep an eye on the physical manifestation, backing up what the DVs sensed as they probed this invasive alien field. What they did know was that a homicidal race existed way beyond the edge of the universe. One with a twisted determination to bring them down. Infest them through murderous intent to collapse the resonant envelope and enslave them in their demented, deluded, deranged insanity. Eviscerate their souls, gut their minds, enervate their lives.

What Roshati was struck by went against the accepted wisdom of centuries. That the alien incursion had wrecked their minds back then. The Great Disturbance, a calamity of global proportions had seen the rise of ancient heresies, the rebirth of dark gods which the Great Mind had subsumed, weakened, dissipated heralding a holy age of peace and harmony. The threat contained by sheer strength of will and spiritual guidance. The equilibrium eventually re-established. All ancient history. Yet if what she thought she discovered, more uncovered was without a doubt perhaps just coincidence then the truth of the great calamity was due to something else entirely. Something much closer to home.

Her body was taut with nervous energy. She just hoped Tregon did not sense her apprehension. She barely dared to continue, the screens merely a backdrop, suppressing her agitation for fear of being found out. They all had the capabilities to sense each others resonances and at this moment she felt like an out of control beacon irradiating her surroundings. Luckily Tregon was busy making light conversation to help them get through their shift.

"Makes sense doesn't it? Look." And he punched in a set of commands to reca

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