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Fabien the Alien von Gago, Noel (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 12.07.2014
  • Verlag: Lulu Publishing Services
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Fabien the Alien

Fabien is a brave and curious alien from the planet Cosmo who is excited to have an adventure. He visits a new planet that his friend Adrien found in her travels, with dinos and cavemen with long hair and beards. ",Be careful, don't land and get out,", she warns. ",This is a planet we don't know about.", As Fabien flies over the planet, he decides he wants to land and see even more. From wandering around in a sea dino's mouth to a game of hide-and-seek with an energetic T-rex, Fabien has a great time on this strange new planet-that is, until a pair of dino birds fly away with his spaceship in their claws! Now Fabien's adventure has become a challenge to retrieve his stolen spaceship. And with the help of his new friend, Mongo, a brave cave boy who carries a bongo, he just might be able to find his spaceship and fly home.


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: AdobeDRM
    Erscheinungsdatum: 12.07.2014
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483408149
    Verlag: Lulu Publishing Services
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