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Son of Pan von Jalil, Christopher (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 31.03.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Son of Pan

What if the boy who never grew up... did? What if Peter Pan and Wendy Darling never parted ways? What if the pair grew up together, got married, and had a son? A normal twelve-year-old boy, unaware of his father's past, Pan Darling lives in modern London as a new student at the illustrious Fanny McCartney Secondary School, where he is beginning to experience a whole new world of problems. Bullying, abundant schoolwork and unrequited affection all combine to form a stress level the boy finds himself wholly unprepared to deal with. But it's when his father's oldest friends, the lost boys, go missing and Tinker Bell comes to the young Pan for help, revealing to him that his mother's tales of Neverland were far from fantasy, that Pan's real test begins. Questioning everything he's ever been told, the son of Peter Pan takes off for the magical island, where intimidating natives, moody mermaids, and a new and insidious villain await.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 31.03.2016
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Son of Pan

Chapter 1 "Pan..." a voice called to him from the distance. Fading, fast like it was miles away. The boy had trapped himself in his own world, mentally preparing for the gauntlet he was about to face. " Pan ..." it called to him again, more sharply this time. " Mr. Darling! Is it too much to ask for your undivided, albeit clearly precious , attention?" Eyes were fixed on the boy as he looked up. He could feel the heat of their glares on his light green eyes, on his cheeks, on the back of his auburn hair. Twelve-year-old Pan Darling wanted to crawl out of his skin and hide in the nearest hole. "I-I apologize, P-Professor Ashe," he stuttered, forcing out the words in his soft British accent. "I didn't mean to...I promise it won't happen again." Pan Darling had been scribbling in a notebook, writing in detail his schedule for the week: Algebra exam Wednesday. Monday: study two hours. Tuesday: study two hours...World History test Thursday. Monday: study one hour. Tuesday: study one hour. Wednesday: study one hour ... One week into secondary school, organization was the only way he could control his anxiety - a detail his English professor, Priscilla Ashe was wholly uninterested in. Ashe was a strange looking woman. In her seventies, Pan believed. Her countless wrinkles reflected the stresses of attempting to educate children throughout the years, and Pan thought he was sure to add a few to her forehead before the term was up, albeit unintentionally. But the feature that defined the professor was her nose. As sharp as a blade, the professor's nose was constantly pointed at the sky. It was clear that in her mind there were very stupid questions and very silly students. "At least feign an interest, Mr. Darling. I was just ringing to see if you weren't too busy to lend your voice to Romeo...alongside Marie's Juliet." The butterflies seized Pan's stomach. He was one word away from reading along with Marie Preston, the most beautiful girl in school, to the words of what Professor Ashe had incessantly described as the "most breathtaking love story ever told." The excitement was unbearable. And rather than keep his eyes focused on the teacher, he shot a glance across the room at the young beauty to note any reaction. It was a decision he would regret instantly. She was looking right in his direction, playing with a strand of her long brown hair, blinking her flowery hazel eyes, a thin smile serving as her own personal invitation for Pan to be her Romeo. Pan had been the first one to notice just how lovely she looked that morning reading by the school fountain. It was like the scene of a painting: the sun shining on her pages, reflecting on her cheeks, her nose crinkled cutely in concentration. How Pan wanted to compliment her, to at least whisper "hello." But his subconscious usually did away with such desires, replacing them with that shyness often found in children of his age. Finally, just as Pan was about to look back at Professor Ashe and accept the opportunity of a lifetime, a voice yelled from the background. "I'll do it, Mrs. A. I'll be Marie's Romero." It was Jasper, the rugby protégé who only had one interest outside of beating his competitors into the ground - gaining Marie's favor. He'd recently started running a few extra miles in the morning before class in an effort to impress her, or so he said. Though, the sheer stench coming off of him left little room for doubt. Even sitting behind Pan diagonally, Jasper's body odor was a smack to the face. "Very well, Jasper,

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