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The Land of Nebra Their New Home. von Jack, Cheecowah (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.04.2013
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Land of Nebra

This is blended with indigenous stories. It is infused with magickal creatures and mystery. This story is a magickal adventure into the past when people could talk to the animals, trees and all of nature. 35,000 years ago the island of Lemuria and the island of Atlantis were at war again. The Earth Changes spoken about in the worlds pre-history are about to happen. Our heroes are 2 families youngest children who are both twins. The children with the help of their teachers do incredible things. If you can let your imagination run free you will enjoy this story and perhaps even try to hear the animals reply when you say hi.


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The Land of Nebra

Chapter 1

Lemurian Continent

35,000 years ago on the beautiful island of Lemuria. It was a clear and sunny day. The sounds of the rain forest filled the air with happiness. The tall trees where the monkey's played formed a canopy overhead. It was cool and welcoming to the twins as they skipped down the path towards the berry bushes. They felt happy at being alive and excited to see what this new day will hold for them.

As they see the berry bushes, Kaylah said, "Wow, look at all those red and blue berries!"

Kalub said, "I think they grew over night."

Kaylah suggested, "While I start picking the berries, you go over there and gather our paper-bark please."

Kalub said, "All right, but don't pick them all. I am hungry too!" as he put another handful of berries in his mouth. He pulled out his machete from his knapsack, and went off to gather the paper-bark they needed to make parchment for their schoolwork.

As Kaylah was picking the berries she started to daydream about the fun they will have this winter in school. They will be seven years old this year and old enough to start. She looked forward to meeting new friends and learning new things. She picked the berries and placed them into her hand woven basket. Her mother taught her how to make it last year. She was startled to hear to name being spoken, "Kaylah! Kaylah come over here, by the bushes."

"What?" she said, coming out of her day-dream. "By the bushes?" Kaylah walked over to the other side of the bushes. She saw her old friend and teacher, Black Panther sitting down waiting for her. "Oh it is you my friend what words of wisdom do you have for me this day?"

"I have something very important to tell you," said Panther.

"Really? Is it another story?"

"No little one, there is trouble coming, we have felt it. It is the bad sky people again. They have come back once more."

"Bad sky people? What kind of bad sky people?" Kaylah asked.

"The bad sky ones, from the ancient ones war, my child. It happened long ago, before you were born," Panther said.

"What is war? We live in peace, love and harmony. Mother taught us all about this Panther. Honest we are!"

"Yes, today you are. My ancestors spoke of a time when there was no peace in the world. The bad sky ones came and brought weapons of war. Both people killed nature and each other as well.

"War is killing each other?" Kaylah gasped, "I don't understand! How come people would kill each other? How terrible!"

The Panther continued, "There are signs of the danger again here in our home. It is coming little one, you need to prepare."

Kaylah asked, "Prepare, How do I prepare?"

Panther said, "The bad sky people are returning again they do not know how to live in peace. They don't understand how to live in harmony with nature. Their hearts were darkened with power and greed. They know your energy crystals have great power."

Kaylah interrupted, "Energy crystals?"

"They need your crystals for their machines. I heard the men talking by the great volcano. They need the crystals and gemstones to make their no spirit people, called drones. They are trying to destroy your world again. I've heard them talking and they are planning to make the mountain lava cover our land and take all of your crystals." Giving Kaylah the final warning, "Look after your crystals Kaylah. Hide them away! Put away your gemstones! Keep your knowledge secret! This is my warning." Then he stood up and bounded away.

"Wait!" Kaylah looking puzzled, "I have so many questions?" Looking out into the rain-forest where her had friend gone. She thought to herself, "None of this makes sense... War? No spirit people? What could this all mean? She returns to the berry bushes and started pick the berries again. She put a handful in her mouth to enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste, which brought some

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