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The Hunt for Giant Blue (Bo & Friends Book 2) von Renz, Ulrich (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.06.2015
  • Verlag: Sefa Verlag
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The Hunt for Giant Blue (Bo & Friends Book 2)

'Bo & Friends' - Smart detective stories for smart children Second Book Giant Blue, the world's fastest computer that MM's Dad built, has been stolen! The police have no leads. Bo and his friends YoYo, Simon and MM will have to investigate on their own. When they finally come up with something, it is, of all people, one of their own that puts them all in mortal danger... Ulrich Renz was born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1960. After studying French literature in Paris he graduated from medical school in Lübeck and worked as head of a scientific publishing company. He is now a writer of non-fiction books as well as children's fiction books. He now lives in Lübeck, Germany.


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The Hunt for Giant Blue (Bo & Friends Book 2)


The Blue Giant

" J ust like professionals ..." YoYo took off his glasses, as he always did when he had something important to say. With the other hand he adjusted his greenish-red plaid beret, without which he hadn't gone out in public since the beginning of his Inspector-Hamilton phase. "Outwitted the alarm, cleared everything out, didn't leave a trace. An absolutely professional burglary. That's how it's done, gentlemen!" His eyes were sparkling.

For MM, YoYo's exuberance was quite off the mark. Restlessly, she slid around on her bicycle seat. "If they are professionals, then that's even worse," she said, more to herself than to her three friends who were sitting in front of her on the railing of the supermarket parking lot like chickens on a perch. As always, YoYo occupied the center place. Sitting between Bo and Simon, who towered over him by at least a head, he looked a bit like a ruffled chick. Normally MM would sit on the outside next to Bo, but today she hadn't even taken the time to get off her bicycle. She hadn't been able to wait, even for a second, to tell them the news.

"Top pros, top-of-the-line pros ..." YoYo could hardly contain himself. As a world expert on everything, he was, of course, a world expert on burglary. "I once read about a burglary where the criminals, disguised as a moving company, drove up in broad daylight with a van and calmly took out everything. In the end, they claimed a receipt from the porter for their time and even got a tip ..."

W hile YoYo told his stories of the "coolest burglaries in the world" with growing excitement, MM again saw her father in her mind when he came home after lunch, wearing his rumpled shirt that stretched over his stomach with the slipped purple bow tie. She'd known immediately that something bad had happened. Wordlessly, he plopped down in the chair. He stared at the ceiling for what seemed like forever.

"All gone," he finally said.

"What ... gone?" she asked, though she already knew the answer.

"Everything. Everything stolen."

"Giant Blue, too?" She held her breath.

He just closed his eyes and nodded slowly. His face was pale.

"Who?" she asked helplessly. But what answer could she get?

"Oh, Tati -" She wanted to say something comforting, but nothing came into her mind.

From the kitchen came Mom's voice: "Now don't worry, Robert, the insurance will cover everything!" She arrived with a bowl of cookies. "By the way, Professor Arnold invited us tonight. Don't you remember? Try to put on something trendy, will you? And, for heaven's sake, leave that horrible bow-tie at home!"

For the thousandth time, MM realized that her parents didn't come from the same planet. Tati's research, which meant everything to him, was just gimmickry to Mom. She didn't even know that he had just built the fastest computer in the world - Giant Blue.

For her, only the stuff in her fancy-schmancy boutique clothing store really mattered. With the accusation, "no professor in the world wears such things!" she would come home with piles of new shirts, suits and ties for Dad. He would always thank her with a friendly smile and devoted sigh, but, sure enough, wouldn't change anything about his outfit - which for years had consisted of baggy, black trousers and suspenders, a white shirt that typically wasn't very crisp, and the inevitable purple bow tie. He just didn't have the time to worry about things like clothes. For him, there was only Giant Blue - and the "Swinging Einsteins," his jazz choir, which consisted entirely of gray-haired or bald-headed professors who met every Thursday evening to rehearse.

"Oh, Tati -" Again MM didn't get further. Tati ... Somehow this was her name for him since the times when nothing was more fun than scrambling around on his belly roaring "Tati, Tati!" - especially

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