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Candace von Anderson, Andrea (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.09.2012
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Candace has been very successful in her young life. She is where she wants to be and has a very happy life. As she is enjoying this she becomes aware of some upseting news about her husband. It changes her life and now she has many challenges to overcome.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 25.09.2012
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    ISBN: 9781624880339
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Candace and Bob Conaday are a happy couple. They have been married for over three years and they have just about everything they have dreamed of, a nice house, a boat, cars and investments. The couple lives in a small town in Maine, where they both grew up and know just about everyone who lives there.

Bob works with his father who owns a company that specializes in old home restoration, a business that Bob's grandfather started some sixty years ago and Bob knows that he will take over one day. Bob's two brothers, both of whom went to college, graduated and moved to other cities, had no interest in the family business or in "working with their hands," as they put it.

Both Candace and Bob work hard and it has paid off. They enjoy going out to dinner and movies and good friends and every few months they go to Boston or New York for the weekend and to see a play or a concert. In the summer they usually go out on their boat as often as they can and fish or water-ski, then have a clam bake or cook lobsters on the beach with friends. Although Bob has worked his entire life either building or restoring homes and furniture, he never tires of it. Woodcarving is his hobby. He built a small wood shop in the basement of their house and is often down there working on something.

While Bob is busy working downstairs, Candace often finds herself sewing and making little dresses for her nieces or a vest or little jacket for her nephews. At Christmas time she went all out and made stockings and Santa hats for everyone in the family. There was only one thing lacking in Candace and Bob's lives, their desire to have a family. They had been trying to have a baby for over a year with no luck. Candace persuaded Bob to go to the doctor for a checkup, as she had, to be certain nothing was wrong with either of them. Each was given a clean bill of health. The doctor told them to be patient, that sometimes if couples were too anxious about having a baby it made it all the more difficult. So, they should just relax and try to enjoy each other and let nature take its course. They did just that for another six months. When nothing happened Candace began asking herself if she would ever get pregnant.

Until she went away to college Candace lived with her mother, Ann Nicholas, a sweet, soft spoken woman her father, George Nicholas, who sold cars for a living and was often out of town a lot and her two sisters. Nancy and Susie, both who still live in the same town and are married. She and her sisters, along with her parents and other relatives that live close by, get together on holidays and birthdays to celebrate. It's at these gatherings that Candace sometimes gets the feeling that her sisters resent the fact that she went off to college, graduated and became an accountant.

Nancy, the eldest, looks more like their father. She is tall, has dark hair worn in a braid down her back, and is physically fit, strong for a woman. She has a cool head and is the peacemaker whenever the girls have a disagreement. Nancy and her husband Bert have been married almost twelve years. Nancy worked on a fishing boat and has always loved the water. Even when she was in high school she worked on a boat in the summer that hosted fishing parties and would clean and filet the fish for the people at the end of the day. After she graduated from high school she did the same but added to her work in cold weather by also pulling lobster pots. Not many women made their living on the water, she was the exception and she was good at it. When it was too cold or stormy to go out she worked in the town bakery. This is where she met Bert, when he came in for coffee and donuts every morning. Bert was a high school teacher, and came from a family who made their living on the water for generations. Bert's family loved Nancy. They realized how hard she worked and she often went out with them on the f

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