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Disposer von Child, Peter James (eBook)

  • Verlag: Benbow Publications
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Peter Cavendish leaves the RAF after 12 years as a fast jet pilot and intends to carry on flying for commercial airlines, but he is bequeathed a picturesque arable farm in Dorset by his uncle, which causes him to change his mind. He buys a light aircraft and keeps it on the farm and flies for pleasure from a long strip. Soon afterwards he is invited by his old school friend, Roger, to meet for lunch in Harrow where he tells Peter all about his new French mistress, Nicole. A few days later, in the dead of night, Roger phones Peter in a panic saying he has accidently killed Nicole while playing sex games in her flat and begs for his help. Peter hurries to Nicole's flat and after angry discussion with Roger, reluctantly agrees to take her body down to his farm and bury it. Peter decides not to bury the body, but take it in his aircraft and dispose of it out at sea, which he does in the early hours of the morning. After this distressing episode he is confused and unhappy by what he has done so he visits his wealthy Aunt Paula in Oxford for her advice, which she readily gives. A few days later he receives a phone call from a stranger, Richard Templeton, who asks to see him at his home in Wallingford and, after the offer of financial reward, he does so. Templeton reveals that a girl has been accidently killed during sexual activity and asks Peter to dispose of the body while offering him ten thousand pounds in cash to do so and, after suspecting Roger is involved, he agrees. After disposing of the body in the usual way, Mrs Templeton phones him with an invitation to visit her and discuss a matter concerning her husband. Peter learns that Mr Templeton is impotent and his wife asks that she would like him to attend to her sexual needs and takes him down to her pleasure room in the cellar. After a violent struggle, Peter escapes from the nymphomaniac and meets Charles Macmillan, a Government Minister, who is Mrs Templeton's lover, as he enters the hallway of the house. From then on Peter is involved by Macmillan and his Russian friends in a web of murder and sexual intrigue for the 'greater good' of the country with twists and turns which end in surprising outcomes.


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: AdobeDRM
    Seitenzahl: 160
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781908760296
    Verlag: Benbow Publications
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