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Divine Intervention von Freeman, Wanda (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 06.04.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Divine Intervention

The first of the Soul Mates Series: Divine Intervention is a fiction novel based in Detroit. Full of suspense and romance, the novel follows prophetic psychologist, Isabella through a series of dreams, finding love, and experiencing close to death situations while strengthening Isabella's faith and trust in God through it all. Readers should hold on to their seats as they experience steamy bedroom rendezvous and suspense throughout the entire book. Warning: Content suitable for mature audiences. Contain graphic sex scenes, sexual abuse, and a cliff-hanger.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 06.04.2015
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    ISBN: 9781631928666
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Divine Intervention

Chapter 1 She appeared so peaceful and beautiful lying on my bed sleeping , he thought as he glanced down at her with a jubilant smile. Candice had been with him now for two months. That was the longest time he had ever remained with one of his women. He knew she was different the very first time he laid eyes on her. Now he could actually feel her falling in love with him. His mind wandered back to the decadent lovemaking sessions they'd had over the last month. At that very moment, her eyes fluttered open as she smiled and looked into his eyes. He returned her smile with exuberance in his heart. His smile faded as hers turned to dread and alarm. He became very agitated at the fear and trepidation expressed within her eyes. He actually thought that after the two months they'd spent making love, she would look at him differently-but now he knew exactly what he had to do. He quickly shed his clothes as he watched her struggle against the four-point restraints holding her to the bed. He'd assumed she would look forward to their lovemaking, but he was sadly mistaken. He pulled the blanket from her naked body, grabbed the lube, and began to spread it onto his shaft. He knew he had to use it because his women never got wet for him, nor did they have orgasms, no matter how much foreplay he performed on them. He just stopped trying. He mounted and penetrated her with one hard, powerful plunge. She screamed out in pain, shock, and disgust. She looked into his eyes and screamed, "I can't take this anymore! Just kill me, please!" "As you wish." He thrust into her faster and faster until he felt his orgasm just within reach. He looked down into her eyes, which were running over with tears, placed his large hands around her neck, and squeezed. He smiled as she gagged and coughed for air. As he felt her soul escape from her body, he released his semen into her womb, realizing that was the best orgasm of his life. As his breathing and heart rate returned to its normal rhythm, he looked down at the dead body. He would have to expedite his search for his next woman. When Erik woke up this morning, he would have never anticipated being on a plane with his team of four en route to Detroit. Although Detroit was known for its large number of homicides each year, there was now a serial killer loose in the city who was raping and torturing his victims. As an FBI agent, Erik had been all over the United States apprehending serial killers, but he'd never been to Detroit. Usually after a killer murdered more than three people, they were considered a serial killer and the FBI would be notified. However, this murderer had already killed five women. The current team working on the 'Jack the Rapist' case, as this killer had been dubbed by the local news, had no leads. "Hey, Erik, can you look a little more enthusiastic about finally visiting Motor City?" Luke asked, pulling him out of his thoughts. Luke and Erik had been best friends since college. They'd also started at Quantico together. Erik was the best man at Luke's wedding, even though he insisted that Luke was marrying the wrong woman. Just as Erik predicted, they were divorced after only six months. "I am very excited to finally visit Detroit but I detest that it is under such devastating circumstances. We always agreed to visit Charles and Allen, but it's never good when we are coming in to take over a case," Erik said. "How are Charles and Allen?" Luke asked. Charles, Allen, Luke, and Erik had met in college over fifteen years ago. They quickly became best friends. They all went to church, but Charles and Allen were more involved. They were the preachers of the group, while Luke and Erik were happy just sitting in the pews, laughing and joking about the clothes and hats women wore to church. Their parents were Christians and the four ha

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