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Secrets Of Lies von Birch, Jeffrey (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 29.02.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Secrets Of Lies

E.R. physician Hanford Morgan meets the stunningly beautiful actress Lola Leigh when she invites him to her table at a swanky new Charleston restaurant he's wanted to try. The meeting begins a torrid love affair that leaves him powerless to deny her bidding that begins with coercing him to confront her husband at the family home at gunpoint to recover what she desperately needs returned. Morgan fails but discovers the body of a young woman in the basement of the family mansion. So, begins the tumultuous and tortured life of Dr. Hanford Morgan with Lola Leigh.


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: none
    Seitenzahl: 200
    Erscheinungsdatum: 29.02.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483564746
    Verlag: BookBaby
    Größe: 515kBytes
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Secrets Of Lies

____1____ D r. Hanford Morgan sits in his car staring at the mansion in the distance a block away having agreed to go. He was powerless to say no. What she asks he does. Windows are fogging in the rain. Not heavy yet. That's on the way - the storm in full force. Storms have been coming in succession for more than a week. Some kind of anomalous weather pattern the guy on TV repeated three nights in a row. He runs a hand over the windshield, clearing the glass temporarily for the few seconds more he wants to study the residence before going in. Lights are on. The first floor is ablaze but the second nearly lost to the night and rain. It's late, long past midnight. Templeau is up, home, maybe alone, maybe not. Seems like too many lights if he were away with her. But it couldn't be her . She's at the beach house. He left her standing in the satin nightgown on the porch watching him drive away. Templeau will be with one of his teen-aged lovers if he's with anyone. Victor Templeau, philandering husband, zillionaire and managing partner of the Templeau Fund, the phenomenally successful hedge fund is the object of her hatred. A criminal and serial rapist of young girls she scoffed the night before, loathing in her voice, rolling to him in the dark, hands on him, satin sheets rustling - had stolen from her something more valuable than money. That's what she said adding, "You have to make him give it to you. It's in the safe, in his office. I'm counting on you, Han. Don't disappoint me, darling." She hasn't told him the current teen lover's name. Maybe she doesn't know. Not something a cheating spouse would offer. She found out about the affair, the 'teen fuck fest' she calls it. Her language is sometimes coarse. Got hold of his cell phone and scrolled through the calls. Earlier tonight when Morgan was with her, before he left for the mansion she said, dry-eyed that he'll pay through the nose. She often speaks with clichés peppering her language. Templeau was smart enough not to have made this lover, the most recent, a contact with a name, just the same number called repeatedly with an equal numbers of returned calls. She called the number one time, she said. Was curious, needed to know, to be sure. The voice sounded young, laughed at her and hung up. The girl must have alerted Templeau because he kept the phone with him after, she said. She said once before when they were together in an offhand manner like it wasn't important that she didn't care what he did. But he thinks she does at some level. Married to Templeau for ten years has to mean something. They still live in the same house together officially, legally and at the times when she says she has to briefly be there for the sake of appearances . Sleep in the same bed he imagines but doesn't ask that question. Maybe not. He hopes not. She laments sometimes that it was a loveless marriage after the first year. Is she now getting even with him? Tit for tat? Cuckolding the philandering bastard or getting her physical needs met? She has them - most everyone does. He doesn't know, doesn't really care about that either. She's with him and is like no one he's ever known. He wonders if he's her first lover apart from her husband. She's implied he is but not exactly said it. He wants to be. She laughs when she says he's cuckolding her husband. Uses the word. Serves the bastard right, she says, words spitting like venom. Is he revenge or is it the infidelity game played by the filthy rich? He wonders if Templeau knows about him and cares if he does - if she's told him, threw it in his face. She said she brought her own money to the marriage. Sneered when she said it, that it felt like a dowry, a bride price, not a combining of wealth - not mutual. The beach house is hers from her family. "The bastard can't touch it." Templeau had not mad

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