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The Dealmaker A John Cooper Novel von Marriott, G. S. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.06.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Dealmaker

THE DEALMAKER Synopsis Four months have passed since Detective John Cooper nearly died at the hands of a sadistic killer, but finally he is back to work. Now, he and his partner have been assigned a highly sensitive homicide investigation, one which could ultimately place the duo's standing among their comrade-in-arms in serious jeopardy. A Criminal Court Judge has been brutally murdered and the suspect pool is significant, however one name continually rising to the top is that of fellow detective, Ralph Edwards. Devastated by the murder of his daughter and frustrated by continued judicial incompetence, Edwards has become a very bitter and vindictive man, who had, on several previous occasions, made repeated threats publicly towards the victim prior to his death. Cooper, although cleared for duty, is secretly dealing with personal demons he has never before experienced and is mystified as to their cause. His immediate concern therefore, is for he and his partner to quickly clear this investigation, because the body count is now climbing, but would his frail mindset remain intact long enough for him to accomplish that. The clock is ticking....and no one, not even Cooper himself, knows whether time might become his true, unstoppable enemy.


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The Dealmaker

1 "Oyez, Oyez, Oyez,..." The bailiff chanted, "...Criminal court in and for the County of Los Angeles is now in session, The Honorable Justice Alvaro Talamantes (TAL-A-MON-TAYS) presiding. God save the United States of America. Please be seated." The Judge entered the courtroom from his chambers and took his seat behind the bench. Talamantes was a forty-four year old man of Spanish descent. A man of average height and build, he was also what most women and undoubtedly some men might categorize as strikingly handsome. He had that unmistakable malado skin color topped by his jet black hair, highlighted with wisps of silver along the temples. Charismatic and obsessively charming to the ladies, the man was always meticulously coiffed and dressed. Born in Venezuela and raised in California, he was fluent in both English and Spanish, however, the Anglo side always took a back seat when playing up the ladies, which for him was an ongoing pursuit. Although married with one teenage girl, he was widely known as the consummate ladies man, a reputation he continually and boldly embraced. This behavior had little impact with the female staff working inside the court house, because they knew him for the degenerate he was and steered clear at all costs. Behind the façade of a caring and compassionate professional, sat a man whose behavior, on a regular basis, was boorish and lewd. Women new to the courthouse or those just visiting, were initially swept off their feet, until they realized what a sexual predator he truly was. Talamantes, from a judicial point of view was also one of the most liberal judges when it came to trials and punishments. His leniency toward offenders before his court was well documented, especially crimes involving the abuse of women. "Mr. Powell, Ms. Countiss..." he began, giving the Prosecutor a quick glance, opting to focus his gaze more at the Defense Attorney in an all too familiar head to toe leer. He demanded that all female lawyers conducting business in his court room should wear dresses or skirts. Pant suits or slacks were not acceptable. They obviously knew they could challenge his edicts on their attire, but were also fully aware that their case would be weakened considerably by doing so. The court room was Talamantes' fiefdom and he was the supreme ruler. Countiss wouldn't give him the satisfaction of acknowledgement. She despised the man. "...It would appear the jury has reached a verdict. Bailiff, would you bring in the jury, please." The door to the ante room opened and twelve people entered the court room in single file, taking their seats in the designated pews, six in front and six behind. There were eight men and four women ranging in age from mid-thirties to late fifties. Attorneys often tried to gain an edge from reading the facial expressions of returning jurors, but on this particular day, their visual scrutiny produced no such advantage. They were stoic. The packed courtroom was, for the most part, sitting rigid and holding their breaths awaiting the verdict. It had been a highly emotional trial involving a young fourteen year old boy by the name of Zachary Spencer being shot to death a block from the Staples Center following a basketball game between the Lakers and the Clippers. The rivalry rarely caused any serious problems, particularly with pre-season games, but this night an argument developed between opposing factions and the boy inadvertently became collateral damage; a wrong place, wrong time scenario. He was shot in the head during the melee, killing him instantly. A young Hispanic man by the name of Ricardo Torres had been arrested two blocks away still in possession of the firearm. Talamantes began. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?" Gloria Winterhalt, a fifty-two year old

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