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The Rabbi's Big Sin & Other Short Stories von Isenberg, David (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.06.2012
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Rabbi's Big Sin & Other Short Stories

Four short stories, fiction, all with exiting plots and twists. 1-The Rabbi's Big Sin. Alcoholic Rabbi that is killed for something he was innocent of. 2-Ducks In Silver Lake. After a son in law is divorced he marries his former mother in law. 3-For A Names Sake. A student and his teacher become romanticly involved with terrible consequences. 4-Antons Tale. Murder mystery involving Russian gangsters.


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The Rabbi's Big Sin & Other Short Stories

Duck's In Silver Lake


David Isenberg

The day could not have been more perfect in Baldwin, Long Island. They say that the South Shore had the ideal climate, especially in spring time, for practically any outdoor activity, be it gardening, tennis, golf and especially boating. The neighboring town of Freeport was the boating capitol of the North East and at this time of the year the activity on the avenue alongside the Woodcleft Canal showed dazzling white boats against a background of grayish weather worn docks and shops. One could hardly see the polluted water unless you looked real close between the gift stores and boat showrooms, and not to be overlooked were it's well known restaurants like Captain Ben's, The Crabshack and if one had a desire for the world's best New England clam chowder there was always Otto's Sea Grill.

Steve Klein was a boat enthusiast whose idea of a perfect day was to go fishing in his sixty three foot Owens and spend the day on South Bay either fishing or just drifting around and being glad to be alive. He was fortunate that his wife of eight months didn't mind his hobby and usually came along to keep him company, absorb some rays and breathe the clean ocean air. Bernice would then decide which waterfront bistro they would dock at to have a cocktail and dinner. Of course this was too good to last but another happy event took its place, she was four months pregnant and to her, the rocking of the boat and smell of fish was not compatible with her digestive system and invariably her stomach would protest even when just coming to the docks.

She loved being married to Steve who worshipped her and went out of his way to be the perfect mate. He worked as a router for United Parcel Service and had to commute between Baldwin and the city daily. The work was challenging but the salary, health insurance plan and his 401K made Bernice feel secure and she had no financial worries. She liked the idea of starting a family as soon as possible because growing up with them was the way she pictured her future and at only eighteen years old it gave her a good head start.

She was preparing a surprise for Steve's twenty sixth birthday, it was to be a cake in the shape of his boat with the name on the transom that read BAGEL BOY , (He loved bagels) and two little figurines, one pregnant, representing them. She hoped that he would enjoy her effort as much as she did baking and decorating it. Married life was fun and up to this point she found none of the problems that she was warned about. "I have a good man and I'm happy" was the daily mantra that she recited as she went off to sleep every night.

She had two weeks to go for the big event, at least which was what her obstetrician Dr. Herbert Chessin told her, when on a Sunday afternoon a policeman came to the door and told her the most horrible news that he possibly could. "The Owens with the name BAGEL BOY , was found drifting on South Bay with no one at the wheel. We recovered a body...." Was the last thing she heard as she passed out. As she came to, Dr. Chessin was at her bedside reassuring her that the baby was a beautiful eight pound healthy girl delivered via a "C" section at the Long Island Jewish Hospital.

The shock of losing her Steve nearly cost her her own life. It was only because of their baby that she fought to keep her sanity. It took a battery of psychiatrists over three years before she finally got over the shock of "that day."

She immersed herself totally to bringing up Stephanie. Even at five years old Bernice could tell that she would grow up to be quite beautiful. Her black curly hair framed her large blue eyes that squinted when she laughed. There was nothing that her daughter wanted that she couldn't have, toys, shoes, clothes and anything new that would appeal t

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