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The Singular Cases of Neptune King von Jozsa, Magda (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.01.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Singular Cases of Neptune King

This is the 14th book in the Neptune King series. In Neptune's Nightmare, he believes his worst fears are realized when he sees Rachel with another man. He becomes even more disenchanted when he finds that he is missing a large sum of money and even witnesses 'Rachel' withdrawing cash from the bank, after she had told him she was going straight home. Is this the end for the pair of lovebirds? All is not what it seems, fortunately, but the solution almost costs Rachel her life. In The Case of the Phobic victims, Neptune and Shark go undercover at a phobia clinic, Neptune as a Zoophobic patient, and Shark as an orderly. Someone is terrorizing the patients and turning their phobias against them. Finally in The Case of the Unhappy Unicorn, they go to Exeter to discover why a unicorn has suddenly appeared on Lord Bainbridge's nature reserve. Is it unhappy because he plans to sell ten acres to a furniture factory, or has it something to do with the radical protestors trying to stop the sale. Does a unicorn really exist, or is it a fake? Neptune hopes to prove this one way or the other, and enlists Suzy Johnson's help.


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The Singular Cases of Neptune King


The rest of the week passed in a blur for Neptune. At home he pretended everything was fine, while watching Rachel carefully. He didn't confront Rachel about her lie. He was afraid to. He wasn't really sure what to do, so instead he just watched her to see if she acted any differently. Watched to see if she behaved like a woman with a guilty secret, but she didn't. She acted like everything was normal.

Rachel came in to the office with him twice during the week to do the accounts. As usual, she brought Max along with her, keeping him in her office while she worked. During the early weeks when she first brought him home from the hospital, he had cried a lot and was very loud and vocal, but he seemed to have settled down now. As long as he could see Rachel or Neptune, he was content and rarely cried.

Neptune seriously considered having Garth Redfern, their operative in charge of domestic cases-the cheating spouse cases-follow Rachel when she left the office. He hesitated though; he really didn't want to bring anyone else into this. It was bad enough he was being cuckolded. Far worse if everyone knew about it. He wondered if he should go to a private detective agency and hire someone who didn't know him. He'd just be an ordinary client then. On second thoughts he decided against it. His name was known in various circles, not only as being a millionaire, but also he enjoyed some acclaim as a detective. They would know who he was. He couldn't keep his identity a secret. He'd be a laughing stock.

Shark noticed that Neptune was quieter than usual during the week, but didn't say anything. From the dark circles under Neptune's eyes, he assumed that Max was still keeping him awake at night.

On Friday, Shark stuck his head in Neptune's office. "Are you busy, Neptune?"

Neptune looked up from the newspaper he was reading. "Hardly."

"Good. Do yuh wanna come with me? I've had a call from the Merchant's Bank in High Street. Could be a new case for us-something a little different from looking for missing people."

"Yes, all right." Neptune stood up. Rachel had been and gone. She always sent the accounts out on Friday mornings. He tried not to brood about what she might be doing when she wasn't at work, but his imagination tended to run rampant with all the worst possible scenarios. She said, just before she left, that she was going straight home, only he had no proof of that, and he hated the thought that he no longer trusted her. That he questioned everything she said in his mind, looking for ulterior meanings. He knew he was over- reacting. He knew he should have just asked her point blank. After all it was just a light kiss. It was nothing really intense. He was probably blowing it all out of proportion, but there was a part of him that was afraid that the kiss was the harbinger of doom. Perhaps the visit to the bank would help to distract him for a few hours. That's what he lived for lately, looking for distractions from his thoughts.

They were almost to the bank when Neptune spotted Rachel walking along the street and pushing the pram. He slammed on his brakes and did a sharp U-turn.

Shark winced to the screech of brakes, and blowing of horns from the cars behind them. "What the hell, Neptune!" he gasped, grabbing the dash for support. "You're goin' the wrong way."

"There's Rachel," said Neptune in cryptic explanation, zipping through the traffic to catch up.

"So what?" Shark felt rather confused. "You saw Rach this mornin' and you'll see her again this evening. Yuh don't have ta cause a pile up ta see her."

"No, you don't understand. I have to follow her to see where she's going. She told me she was going straight home."

Shark frowned. "So what? She probably changed her mind. It's no big deal."

"She's going into the bank." Neptune quickly pulled into a vacant car park and jumped out.

Shark followed him, still

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