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Triggerpoint Episode Number Five... Horrifying! von Cris, Sidney (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.07.2012
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Triggerpoint Episode Number Five... Horrifying!

TRIGGERPOINT! --- A huge, masterfully crafted thriller in EIGHT EPISODES. Hawkshead Perry & Southpaw Nash, weapon hunters for The Department of Energy, must stay alive long enough to track down and stop Trinidad Rostov, a legendary nuclear physicist, from turning a stolen Russian missile train into a private war --- or worse! Using the missiles, Rostov could turn world-class science into world-wide devastation that reaches --- TRIGGERPOINT!


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 15.07.2012
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    ISBN: 9781623095321
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Triggerpoint Episode Number Five... Horrifying!

Chapter Thirty-Seven

"If I knew who was trying to kill you, Elizabeth, they wouldn't live another day. Unfortunately, I can't be certain. But I believe the man behind all of this is Albert Drexler...he's an old associate of mine."

Southpaw looked up at the roofline of the 747. "Nice friends you got there, Trinidad."

"Yes...nice friends. But he's become one of the world's greatest threats."

"Albert Drexler," Hawk said. "Never heard of him."

"I'm not surprised. He doesn't fit your...your target profile," Hawk. "But take my word," Rostov said. Albert Drexler is probably schizoaffective and I believe he has developed serious materials and weapons capability. I'm also convinced that Kaspar Gried has been working with Drexler as some sort of henchman."

"Gried," Southpaw said. "Isn't he on the House Energy and Commerce Commission?"

"Yes. And he's extremely dangerous. So be careful. He's been using his connections to trade and supply nuclear secrets and illicit materials around the world for some time."

"But why us?" Elizabeth said. "Why are they trying to kill us?"

They could hear Rostov sigh heavily. "It's about power, Elizabeth. It's about...physics."

"They're after your isomer-trigger," Hawk said. "Your parallel. That's it isn't it?"

"It's the key to an entirely new kind of weapon," Rostov said. "I know now there was a plan to kidnap Elizabeth and use her as a bargaining chip for the parallel."

Hawk looked at Elizabeth. "She was the bait," Southpaw said.

"Quite so, Mr. Nash. And Elizabeth...I know you can hear me. And I know this isn't the time or place for what I'm about to tell you..."

"Then don't!" Elizabeth cried out...almost painfully. "Let's wait...wait for another time and a better place. Please."

"How can you refuse a woman like that?" Trinidad said. "All right then...some other time, some other place."

"In Geneva," Elizabeth said brightly.

"Yes...of course. But you must be careful. All of you. I think Kaspar Gried also employ's the services of The Red Wolf."

"Yikes!" Hawk glanced at his partner. "The assassin."

"Yes. I know Gried hired him to kill Rupert Maputo in South Africa just..."

"Two months ago...we were there."

"I know you were. Nice job by the way."

"The Red who?" Elizabeth said.

"So, where do we fit in?" Southpaw said.

"Gried and Drexler want Elizabeth as a bargaining chip for my isomer trigger," Rostov said flatly. "You and Hawk just...happen to be in the way."

Hawk shook his head and looked at Southpaw. "That's just like us, you know...we happen to be in the way."

"Just like Joe Bluff," Elizabeth said.

"Yes but..."

SWOOSH! A loud rush of air drowned out Rostov's voice for several seconds.

"...don't think he even knew," Trinidad suddenly continued..."about Punch Cumberland's association with Gried."

"You're breaking up," Southpaw said.

"I didn't get...SWOOSH! SWOOSH!...."you were saying."

Hawk said. "So how do you know who's after us...and we don't?"

"Please. I have much better intelligence than SANTA o

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