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Time Management Made Easy How to Cultivate New Habits, Improve Productivity and Get Things Done von Strachan, Joshua (eBook)

  • Verlag: Joshua Daniel
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Time Management Made Easy

The essence of time management is simply the ability to work less and achieve more. People with the right time management skills tend to work smarter instead of harder and usually get stuff done and achieve satisfaction better than ordinary people. Time management also involves organizational skills in which an individual is able to fix tasks within proper time range considering all factors for facilitating a work process. This individual is conscious of the specific task and its importance in relation to other tasks that have to be neglected for this to be accomplished. It combines priorities, motivation, needs, wants and urgency-all becoming factors for goal setting and time management for effective results. Time management helps an individual to remain calm and highly productive for as long as work demands. This person will be able to finish things faster and have more time to relax. Ultimately, the person is focused only on the effectiveness of work instead of the amount of time spent. This well-researched book is dedicated to the intensified exploration of time management and the habits to be cultivated in order to achieve more while doing less. You will understand that time management is not about working intensely, but working effectively to achieve an effective result. You are also going to learn: The in-depth about time control concept Tools for time management training How to work less and play more Ways to improve time management skills Skills you need to manage time effectively Achieve goals faster and effectively If you are a student, you work in an office or self-employed, the Time Management Technique is your answer to getting things done.


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