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Common Sense Happiness 5 Principles for people who want to stop whining, bitching, and suffering. von Bischoff, Loree (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 17.10.2011
  • Verlag: Love Your Life Publishing
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Common Sense Happiness

There is No Good Reason to Spend the Rest of Your Life Feeling Mad, Unfulfilled, Grumpy and Upset Are you tired of riding the emotional roller coaster? If you find yourself constantly whining, bitching, and complaining, it's a signal that you are chronically unhappy....and that's not a good place to be. You don't have to stay in that place of frustration, confusion, and disappointment. When you read Common Sense Happiness, you find simple tools and strategies to help you become happy and stay that way. In fact, if you follow Life Coach Loree Bischoff's down-to-earth 5 Life A-Mazing Principles, you will be able to sail through your life happily, no matter what outside events occur. WITH COMMON SENSE HAPPINESS YOU WILL: - Find the sweet spot in life where you can be happy - Discover how to get control of your emotions so the good ones are running the show - Learn how easy it is to make choices that lead to more happiness - Break free of the frustrations that plague you - Use tools you already possess to cultivate the peace and happiness you desire Life is both too long and too short to be anything less than what YOU want it to be. 'An honest, colorful, fun, and exciting read.'-Richard Seaman, author of Spiritual Reliability and It's All in the Sharing


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Common Sense Happiness


This book is meant for those who may be new to the idea that we ourselves have control over our state of happiness. For you who have yet to put your toe in these waters and see how it feels, I invite you to come on in – the water's fine!

None of the concepts in this book are new. They have been spoken of and written about for thousands of years by countless others who were and are far wiser than I. This is just my way of delivering some of these age-old concepts in what I hope are a few simple, easy-to-understand principles that can help you start creating a happier life. I must warn you, though, I don't like to sugar-coat things. To be perfectly honest, my delivery, I'm told, is "lovingly blunt." That's the way I coach and that's what my clients expect from me. Just thought I should give you a heads-up.

Got a toe in? Okay, let me introduce myself. My name is Loree Bischoff. I am a life coach. As a life coach, my mission and my passion is to help you accomplish and experience your mission and passion. What I've found is that most people's mission boils down to one thing: being happy. And there are infinite ways in which people try to accomplish that, mostly by trying to add or eliminate something or someone to or from their life. That's one approach. I have another in mind, though, that I call the Life A-Mazing Principles.

Is your life amazing or just a frustrating maze? Do you keep repeating the same behavior and patterns and then wonder why nothing ever changes for you or why you feel unhappy or unfulfilled? Wish you had a little more control over your life?

Would you go to a buffet and deliberately put food on your plate that you know you don't like or are allergic to? Would you frequently let another person choose your food, regardless of your preferences, and pile it on your plate? Would you go back for seconds, thirds, and fourths of such foods? Now let's take it one step further. Would you then get angry at and blame the cook for placing those choices in front of you? Probably not. You would likely choose foods you like and stop eating foods you don't like or have an adverse reaction to. You certainly wouldn't hold the cook accountable for the choices you made. So why should the choices you make in other areas of your life be any different? Who are you holding accountable for the way you experience your life?

The Life A-Mazing Principles are about the realization that we have choices – every second of every waking moment. I like to look at life as a giant maze. But here's the big aha: We have to accept or at least be willing to consider that we create the maze as we go. We weave our way through our lives taking rights and lefts, moving forward and sometimes (seemingly) backward, and going over, under, around, and through people, places, and experiences. What an adventure! Each of us has a life maze and, like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike, even though they intersect, become entwined, and influence and affect each other.

I feel that we can all make choices that help make our lives amazing in our own unique way. That's why I was inspired to write this book. I love the maze of my life and it is my sincerest desire to help you love yours, too. My life maze has been created by many of the same ups and downs, good times, tough lessons, joys, and sorrows as other people's mazes. Many of the things my clients have experienced or are struggling with, I've experienced, too. I was one of two children, with a lower-middle-class upbringing. My parents divorced when I was a teenager, I dropped out of high school when I was a senior, and I watched my father survive a risky surgery to remove a tumor the size of a

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