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Hero or Zero: Discovering Your Superpowers von Maris Kirkes, Anna (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.08.2014
  • Verlag: Transpersonal Technologies L.L.C.
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Hero or Zero: Discovering Your Superpowers

Hero or Zero: Discovering Your Superpowers© is a guide for adolescents who want to explore their unique abilities or superpowers, how they communicate, what they 'must have' in order to stay healthy, and how to use their gifts in effective and fulfilling ways. Readers will also learn to watch out for 'Warning Signs' alerting them to often unconscious and unmet 'Psychological Needs,' 'Deceptions' they may fall prey to, and the negative behaviors of their 'Distress' sequence when trying to meet these Needs on their own. Ultimately, the purpose of this book is to help youth understand and find joy in who they were created to be. This book presents the Process Spiritual Model? based on the original work of Dr. Taibi Kahler's Process Communication Model®.


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Hero or Zero: Discovering Your Superpowers

Superheroes 01

What if you have a special gift?

What if there is something hidden inside of you that the world desperately needs?

What if you are a part of a plan so big you can't even begin to comprehend it?

What if you are a...

Batman. Spider-man. The Avengers. Thor. Captain America. Green Lantern. X-Men. Fantastic Four. The Hulk.

We LOVE our superheroes. And the films, comics, and TV shows just keep on coming. We simply cannot get enough.

As a student of people and what makes us tick (or buy movie tickets), I ask the question: Why are we so captivated by the idea of superheroes? What makes them appealing enough to gross $65 million in one weekend at the box office? Why do we keep seeing new versions of the same superheroes, perhaps with a different main actor or a new and improved villain to combat?

Perhaps we keep buying those movie tickets because superheroes remind us that one individual can alter the course of history. That one person's special gifts or skills - whether moving objects with her mind or shooting fireballs from the palms of his hands or controlling the weather or having spiderlike abilities - actually do matter in a life and death kind of way.

If Spider-man couldn't climb up buildings, react to and sense his surroundings with spiderlike efficiency, New York City would have been destroyed a thousand times over. Toast. Demolished by various villains including but not limited to a huge Lizardman, the Green Goblin, and a menacing Doctor Octopus. 1 A disastrous fate avoided only by the presence of the friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

We all want to matter this much. We desire to believe that some quality in us, a previously unrecognized or underappreciated unique ability will unexpectedly save the day. That in the moment of truth, in the thick of the battle, we will be indispensable. And that our indispensability will be linked to what makes us most distinctly us.

But does this ever happen in real life, outside of the dark, popcorn-crunching atmosphere of a movie theater?


Check this out. Michel Lotito, featured on the Oddee blog of unusual or bizarre stories and facts under "Real-Life Superheroes," is a man with a superhuman stomach. He can consume glass, metal, and otherwise toxic materials with no physical harm due to a uniquely thick and acidic stomach! Performer Tim Cridland can tolerate excessively high levels of pain, including skin punctures and scorching or frigid temperatures. 2 These physical skills are simply part of who these men are, not something they have created in themselves.

And superheroes aren't just something of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. They go way, way back.

Meet Etti

For example, there was this lady...let's call her Etti. Etti was raised in a country and in a time where women had few rights. In this culture, marriages are arranged, and women wear veils to cover their faces. No woman who knows what is good for her raises her voice to express an opinion in the presence of men, even in the presence of her husband.

Etti was lovely. If beauty were a superpower, Etti possessed it in full measure. And like many superheroes, Etti came from difficult circumstances. She was an orphan. Fatherless and motherless, Etti's only family was a loving older cousin named Mori, who raised and protected her as his own. Both Etti and Mori were foreigners in their current land, originally from a small but proud country to the west. Here in this land, their religious views were considered unusual; yet they persisted in following their beliefs.

The powerful leader of the land began searching for a new wife. He had recently separated from his former wife due to some domestic squabble, and the nation needed a queen. Bec

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