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Initiative Looking beyond the job and into making lasting achievement von Reid, Greg S. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.12.2011
  • Verlag: Sherpa Press
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An inspirational story that grabs you from the start. It will motivate your spirit and encourage you to achieve your boldest dreams. Featuring Expert Commentary and Co-Authorship with these amazing leaders: Alia Ott, Arvin Hsu, Brian Roman, Daniel Kravitz, Deborah Clark, Deborah Ives, Donna Beccia, Doug Bench, Dwain Johnson, Eldridge DuFauchard, Fred Becerra, Ishwari Jay, J Massey, James Pham, Jayne and Peter Stanyon, John Carmona, Kent Georgi, Lane Ethridge, Lori Taylor, Martha Reed, Michael S. 'Boot' Hill, Randy Hausauer, Randy Ngan, Rosemary Medel, Tim Campbell, Tom Thomson, William Janeshak Morgan Kingsbury just got laid off her dreary job. The search for her next gig leads her to a serendipitous meeting with someone who urges her to look beyond getting into another cubicle and into her sense of fulfillment in life. As she moves forward in her journey, she discovers what others did to find the initiative that led them towards continuous achievement. Following Morgan through chance encounters, she realizes her biggest dream. She also comes across the challenges that go alongside reaching her dream. You'll fall in love with Morgan in this animated, easy to read parable packed with laughs and inspirations of perseverance. She proves every dream is just initiatives away from reality.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 15.12.2011
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Chapter 2

the promissory note better, fAster, different

In her forty-two years of life, Morgan was never one to follow through with the commitments she made to herself or to others. She did what she absolutely had to do to get her paycheck and keep the peace. But, it was quickly becoming clear that this wasn't proving to be a beneficial thing. Where exactly was her life headed? The contents of her purse were making it painfully obvious.

When Morgan considered her encounter with Donna at Café la Claire, she questioned which was more important – happiness or the initiative to be happy? Why wasn't she experiencing either of these?

She was still in need of a job, but she wasn't anywhere ready to tackle a job search today. Baking was the one thing that added a spring to her step, so Morgan decided to go out and get more ingredients. The day was warm and she was spending entirely too much time with her legs crossed underneath a desk. So, today she decided she to walk the streets of this somewhat urban town and let the sun hit her pale skin.

She took her purse and sunglasses and headed out. Before picking up baking supplies she decided to stop at the newsstand to pick up some reading material for her pleasure. "Become the Owner of Your Life" was what one of the articles was titled. "Hmph, I wish." She said outwardly.

"One of those days?" The owner was standing right next to her and she barely noticed until he spoke.

"Oh, sorry, I must have been speaking out loud." She apologized.

"Don't be sorry. But, just know, nothing bad lasts forever."

"What if it felt like forever?" She said, laughing, but mostly serious.

"Well, you may not have the knowledge right now to get out of something bad or start something good, but you definitely have the resources." He looked around him.

"I guess so." She still wasn't offering her full attention and let her mind drift into pictures of women in next season's fashion and headlines of the latest affair.

She read headline after headline until she suddenly stopped and looked up at the stranger. She felt immediately mortified that she had just glued her eyes to a gossip magazine. "Yikes." She left a few bucks on the stand and took the original magazine encouraging her to own her own life.

Dan was right. What was she spending her mind on? Which parts were actually attributing to her life? And which parts were actually wasting her time?

On her way to her favorite culinary supply store, she noticed a small shop she hadn't seen before. The storefront displayed beautiful pyramids of canned tea, each with a unique photo and message. The day was warm, but not too warm for tea.

Upon entering the store, she could feel a sense of well-being all around. It was a feeling she could stand to have a lot more often. She read the labels of each tea and smelled the samples laid out.

"Thank you, Louise! We'll see you next time." The man behind the counter waved to a woman just leaving. He came out from behind the counter to reorganize some displays and offered Morgan assistance.

"I'm just looking. I'd love a cup now, though." Morgan requested from the kind man. She couldn't help but smile when she looked at him. He seemed to have an agreeable grin whether he was interacting with someone or not.

"Any in particular or shall I surprise you?"

"Um, well I was never one for surprises, so I'll say yes to that!" They both laughed and he went forward with preparing the tea. "What's your favorite?"

"Peace of Mind." He didn't hesitate.

"Sounds good

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