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Journey to Personal Greatness: Mind, Body, & Soul A Blueprint for Life Balance & Self-Mastery. von Brown, Alvin (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.09.2015
  • Verlag: Brown Christian Press
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Journey to Personal Greatness: Mind, Body, & Soul

Are you on the road to mediocrity, or are you on track to personal greatness? To guide your search for your personal power, Alvin Brown partners with you along the journey. He provides a blueprint for the path to life balance and self-mastery in Journey to Personal Greatness. By learning how to integrate mind, body, and soul, you will discover that you have the energy and power to make 'whatever you affect that much better when you leave.' Health, family, career-you can have them all. Journey to Personal Greatness will teach you how to balance the six life essences: mental, emotional, physical, chemical, material, and spiritual. In practical and simple steps, Brown leads you through the process to achieve and maintain peace and balance. Leave behind the fast-paced treadmill of life, and step onto the track of life change. Lose the mediocrity mindset, and find personal greatness.


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Journey to Personal Greatness: Mind, Body, & Soul


M eet John and Louise Smith. He is thirty-eight years old, and she is thirty-five. They have been married for the past ten years, since leaving college and university, respectively. He studied accounting, and she earned her undergraduate degree in English. They have two kids, ages five and eight, and everything seems to be moving ahead as planned. They have both been consistently employed and working in their respective jobs for about twelve years. They earn a combined annual income of about eighty thousand dollars. Their expenses each month and their desired lifestyle keep things tight, not even leaving enough room for extra savings for their retirement plan. Vacations and other perks are usually by way of credit cards and lines of credit, further extending their debt to equity ratio each year.

Both John and Louise are hardworking and dedicated to living a good life, despite being on life's crowded treadmill, always running but never getting anywhere fast. Since having the kids, they've put on at least fifty pounds between them-John gaining thirty and Louise gaining about twenty. Their energy levels are definitely not what they used to be, and they claim that they lack the time to consistently pay attention to their bodies in a regular workout routine. By their account, they just have enough time to get home and throw some food in the microwave or order out before they have to get the kids to their extracurricular activities. Their days are so jammed with tight and structured routines that it makes each day blend into the next, and before you know it, the weeks become months and the months become years. The problem is who has the time to stop and get off the proverbial treadmill? So even the mention of discovering their passions or going after their dreams leads to a feeling of frustration and being overwhelmed for both of them.

On both mental and emotional levels, the pace of their hectic lifestyle leaves them equally on edge. A seventy-minute commute for Louise and a forty-five minute commuter train ride for John often leave them a bit frazzled before the usual work-related stresses get added on top. Thinking clearly and behaving in a rational manner take massive and concentrated effort, as they are often in reaction mode when responding to any incoming external stimulus, which is usually based in negativity and pessimism. Spiritually, they admit that they find it next to impossible to take time for themselves and connect with a higher level of consciousness. Taking time to nurture their souls through connecting in nature, prayer, yoga, or meditation all sound like good ideas, but, since time is their enemy, this never gets done.

John and Louise are living out of a mediocrity model, which leads to frustration, stress, ill health, and, almost inevitably, a life of quiet desperation. The goal for our couple is to help them shift to a greatness model, one that puts their life back in their hands and empowers them to live proactively and passionately, the way we were supposed to live.

We are all in pursuit of our own personal greatness. As Paulo Coehlo describes in his bestselling book The Alchemist , we are all searching for our own personal legend . The problem is that we have so many distractions nowadays that it's no wonder we live in frustration trying to even define it. We yearn to be authentic and discover who we really are, and as much as we seem to love having a comfortable level of certainty in our lives, we also need to live on the edge of spontaneity and the excitement of new discoveries as our greatness unfolds. No one is born who desires to have a mediocre existence. Everyone wants to be engaged in a passionate adventure each and every day, only taking some short time away to regroup and map their next course toward their passion.

Life should not be a passive process that we leave 100 percent to chance and hope. Life is a

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