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Learning without Tears Learning methods for the more demanding student von Müller, Urs (eBook)

  • Verlag: Urs Müller
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Learning without Tears

The German version of "Learning without tears" was sold over 290'000 times in the paperback version between 1992 and 2001. Many schools, universities and firms made this book their official learning method brochure. Because of this success an English version was created. It exists only in an electronic version because it allows an advantageous navigation within the book, it is cheap for you as a user and the content can be efficiently adapted to your needs.

The basic principle remains the same:

- Offering a book with efficient learning tips in order to allow you a reduction of your learning effort.
- The book has to be readable within 90 minutes, so that the learning method is not a study in itself.
- The tips should be easily applicable.


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Learning without Tears

How to learn learning (p. 12)

Many people find learning a torture they would gladly avoid, and just before exams they get into a last-minute panic. Hasty learning by rote brings on mental constipation; it is as though a wall has sprung up around your head and nothing more will go in or out. During the exam you then forget the most obvious things as a result. Afterwards you get cross at someone who didn't go in for much studying but has still done better than yourself.

Of course (you say) he was taking "vitamin B", and the professor was always against you... Matters are not as simple as that, and I can assure you from personal experience that learning can actually give pleasure, even when it is long and strenuous, as in the case of "finals".

What you need to do is arrive at an accurate estimation of your own abilities and not overdo things. Any further suggestions I make are aimed at reducing the stress of learning and at increasing your success. Learn like an athlete who is preparing for a major competition. The athlete distinguishes between four different phases:

- Learning the rudiments, based on fitness exercises
- Consolidation through speed trials and tests of technique
- Examination, taking the form of a competition
- Recuperation.

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