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Perfectly Yourself 9 Lessons for Enduring Happiness von Kelly, Matthew (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 02.06.2015
  • Verlag: Beacon Publishing
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Perfectly Yourself

'Just be yourself!' People say it all the time, but how do we actually live it? For more than a decade Matthew Kelly has been helping people discover the best-versionof-themselves. Now, in Perfectly Yourself, he addresses the opportunities and obstacles that we encounter once we decide to ask life's big questions: Who am I? What am I here for? Focusing on nine powerful and practical lessons, Kelly shows us how to find lasting happiness in a changing world. We all have an insatiable need to grow and improve: Every year millions of us buy books and attend workshops in the hope that we will lose weight, improve our relationships, conquer debt, accomplish more in our careers, achieve financial independence, reach spiritual enlightenment, become better parents or lovers-the list goes on. We yearn for progress. And yet, many of us fail to achieve the transformations we desire.


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Perfectly Yourself

One Are You Making Progress? O ur differences as individuals are fascinating and wonderful, and this book is about exploring and celebrating what makes us unique. But I want to begin by identifying what drives our desire to become perfectly ourselves. In my work with more than three million people over the past decade, I have often stood in awe of how wonderfully unique we are as individuals, but I have also been intrigued by the astonishing similarities that exist between men and women of all ages and cultures, all countries and creeds. The greatest of these similarities is what I like to call "the hunger": a common yearning in people's hearts for something more or for something that has been lost, a yearning that seems to be growing stronger and deeper with every passing day. Some people associate this hunger with a desire for more money or more sex. Others respond to this hunger by seeking the perfect partner, thinking that this one person will calm the yearning once and for all. Others collect possessions or amass power in an attempt to quell the hunger. But it seems unquenchable, insatiable. There are some who associate the hunger with a need for more fulfillment in the workplace. Others sense that something is wrong but cannot quite put their finger on it, so they take journeys hoping to discover something about themselves. Sooner or later this hunger tends to lead most people to the area of personal development. Some people turn their attention to health and well-being, others to gaining financial independence, others to improving a relationship, and some to spirituality. The hunger is really a desire to be more perfectly yourself. It can express itself in hundreds of ways, but all are born from the single desire to feel more at home with who you are. Regardless of what area of personal development you choose to focus on at this time in your life, there are certain stages and pitfalls that are common to all. They all share a common psychology of change. This book is about understanding the dynamics of change, the change that we desire but that so often eludes us. Trying to lose weight is a perfect example. Every January, a slew of new diet books are published. Many people have gained weight over the holidays, and publishers know we will resolve at New Year's to slim down. One of these books will break out and hit the top of all the best-seller lists. Everyone will be talking about it. The diet will be presented as miraculous. People will flock to the book. Everybody will rave about it as if simply reading the book will cause weight to fall from bodies as effortlessly as beads of sweat. The thing is, you and I both know that twelve months ago they were talking about another book in the same way. And next year, there will be more new and amazing diet books. Editors in all the Manhattan publishing houses are sitting at their desks right now trying to figure out what will be the next big diet book. People seem obsessed with losing weight, and yet Americans are becoming more and more obese with every passing year. Is it just me, or is there a massive disconnect here? This book is about that disconnect. Regardless of what area of your life you would like to transform, I want to show you how we bridge the gap between our desire for change and actually creating real and sustainable change in our lives. A MOMENT OF TRUTH From time to time my friend Meggie will get this look on her face, and I know exactly what she is about to say: "Matthew, get honest with yourself!" I love that about her. She doesn't say it that often, so when she does it means something. I think we all need moments of honesty from time to time. We need them as individuals, as couples, as families, and as nations. In the area of personal development, we are in desperate need of

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