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The Unbreakable Spirit of the Unbreakable Man von Steele, Maxine (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 09.09.2013
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Unbreakable Spirit of the Unbreakable Man

When a lightning-struck tree fell on Nicholas Steele in 2008, it did more than just paralyze him: ultimately, it broke his wife's spirit, destroyed his marriage, and ripped his family apart. Nicholas found himself pounded by setback after setback, like some modern-day Biblical Job, tested by God for reasons beyond his comprehension. But despite the cards Fate dealt him, Nicholas refused to give in to despair. When the doctors told him he would never walk again, he literally forced himself to heal, until he could once again stand on his own two feet and move under his own power. Even as Nicholas found God during the long, difficult heart-rending journey from injury to recovery, he lost so much that he took for granted-including the love of his soulmate, which almost killed him in the end. But despite the constant physical agony, and the chilling pain of personal betrayal, he persevered in his effort to rebuild his life and health. Today, Nicholas has finally climbed back to the top of his personal mountain, as chronicled in this triumphant memoir. He's living proof that the human spirit truly is unbreakable, if you're determined to keep stepping forward, learning from your mistakes, refusing to let despair hinder you. No matter how broken you may be in body, reputation, or spirit, you'll never fail as long as you refuse to give up. We've all heard this before-so often, perhaps, that many of us view it as a cliché. But Nicholas Steele has learned this lesson the hard way. We invite you to relearn it with him.


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The Unbreakable Spirit of the Unbreakable Man

Chapter 3: My First Operation

"Life is hard. It always has been and always will be. Accepting this reality somehow makes it easier." -- Brian Tracy.

In December 2004, after many sleepless nights, the time arrived for me to undergo my first operation. My wife and I packed my hospital bag, which included pictures of my family and friends, a small radio, and good luck cards. I arrived at the hospital full of apprehension. Wonderful, friendly nurses showed me to my room, explaining that Mr. Walsh was an amazing surgeon and that everything would be fine. The room was small but clean and comfortable, with its own wheelchair-friendly shower. I unpacked my things, set up the pictures of my dogs, wife, family, and friends, put out the good luck cards, and sat on the bed with my wife, wondering what would happen next. My palms were sweaty, I was anxious, and Sarah was beside herself with worry. Then the commotion started.

Nurses arrived to take my blood, weight, and height, and asked if I was allergic to anything. When the junior doctors arrived to take a look at me, they explained that the procedure would take between 12 and 15 hours, and arranged for another CT scan and X-ray to be done immediately. Next, the anesthetist arrived. She was a woman full of confidence and authority, who introduced herself and explained what her role would be throughout the operation. "You have nothing to worry about, love," she told me, "as Mr. Walsh thinks that spinal surgery is more exciting than sex, and your spine really turns him on!"

Both Sarah and I burst out laughing, and I said, "I really appreciate that I can turn on a surgeon!"

As I lay on the bed waiting to see what happened next, many thoughts went through my mind. I told myself that if I survived this operation, it was about time that we started living life rather than letting work dictate what we could do. It made me appreciate what I had: a beautiful, loving wife, a fantastic son, my gorgeous dogs, great friends, and a loving family.

When Mr. Walsh finally arrived and asked how I was feeling, I told him, "I'm bloody nervous," and Sarah looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Mr. Steele, when you recover from this operation, your quality of life will be greatly improved," he assured me, and then pointed out that this operation was going to be exhausting for him, at which point he laughed. Then he left the room, and the anesthetist returned with sedatives to try to calm me.

An hour later, the porters arrived and wheeled me down to the operating theatre. Sarah went with me, holding my hand all the way. I was very sleepy at that point, but aware of my surroundings. As I opened my eyes I saw my wife looking at me; she gave me a kiss and said she would see me in a few hours' time. The anesthetist found a vein, slid in a needle, and I felt a warm liquid enter my arm. She started counting...and I was asleep.

The next week was a real blow, as I was in Intensive Care on high doses of morphine with a nurse at the end of my bed the whole time. I only remember slipping in and out of consciousness a few times, and this was mainly when either the nurse tried waking me or my wife, family, or friends turned up to visit. I wasn't able to speak to them, but I knew they were there. Sarah told me that there were tubes going in and out of me in both arms, and that no one was able to get close to me because of the machines around me. My head was extremely swollen, and I was unrecognisable. Even a close friend of mine, a hard-nosed bodybuilder and security guard who came to visit, had tears in his eyes when he saw me, as I looked so ill, weak, and vulnerable.

The main thing I remember is feeling warm and wanting to sleep, but this caused a problem with my breathing. Apparently I wasn't breathing deeply enough, and the doctors were considering putting me on a respirator to help me breathe. However, I remember Sarah sh

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