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Wearing Confidence Just Disregard the Impossible Whilst Being Creative. von Nsiiro, Agnes (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 09.09.2016
  • Verlag: 10-10-10 Publishing
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Wearing Confidence

This book will reenergize your burning desires by convert your skills and talents into something more powerful and highly valued by those who want to support you. Being happy and successful is about finding out what works for you and doing as much of that as you can, while diminishing your excuses for not making progress.


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Wearing Confidence

MINDSET THE FOUR LEADERSHIP QUADRANTS Mistakes are a great starting point for discovery, for correction, for experience, for transformation, for learning and gaining strength. It works better for you to discover your own potential than you focusing on others pointing out your own mistakes. People telling you stories of their own disappointment in you without giving you any suggestions for improvement, may numb your self worth, which could effect your progress to be a better version of you. You will always be developing and competing with yourself, whereas everyone or everything around you is just ideas of the things that could be inspiring you to be or do better in your life. There are four leadership quadrants that can help define the type of person you are. Whether you are a leader or a follower, the concepts that other leaders come up with guide you to your own conclusions. The four leadership quadrants are described in four words, which are conceive, create, connect and control. If you feel you cannot conceive an idea to do something, or better still have an idea presented to you that helps improve your or someone else's experience, then the only option will be to dismiss it, which would mean that you will leave the idea development to someone else. Coming up with ideas is just a way of coming up with solutions that you think may work for you or others. If you feel you cannot create something, whether it be a product, service or an event that gives value or joy to someone else, then you won't even be bothered to make the effort to try and create something meaningful for your prospective client. Also, if you think you cannot create the lifestyle you want, then the only option will be for you to leave that to someone else who would be more than happy to create your lifestyle for you. Creating something meaningful does take effort, and time to process and commit to anything you want to achieve in your life. Leaders who love to create tend to want to govern their invention and be credited for their concepts because they see a gap in the market for the products and services they can create. These types of leaders may need to team up with people who can connect their products to the right market to portray a powerful, positive brand identity. If you feel you can connect your words, ideas, emotions and have the personality to connect with individuals or to groups of people, cultures, collectively, then you will not waste your time connecting with and understanding people at a deeper level. If you are missing out on the chance to collect contact details at networking opportunities because you feel you have nothing to offer them, then you may even dismiss having anything to do with developing a brand for yourself. You miss out on receiving value from other people who could help you understand what you could offer to those you want to connect with. Development of new relationships, careers and businesses is based on you being able to connect with people by learning, developing and growing from those experiences. Some people miss out on the opportunity to develop because they base the beliefs on past failed relationships as a reason to not try again or connect with new relationships that may work out well for them. Great leaders who can notice a gap in the market will find a way to connect with innovators, producers, marketers and investors and to neutralize ageism, racism, sexism or even tribalism. If you feel you cannot control your emotions, your habits, people, events, projects or something significant to you, then you will feel powerless. You may allow someone else to take control of your circumstances. However, then you could come up with beliefs that make you feel helpless and powerless with the feeling of being restricted, so you may act out to seek attention in some way to g

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