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Falling In Love von Silvergray (eBook)

  • Verlag: Boruma Publishing, LLC
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Falling In Love

A year after losing his wife to cancer, Ben and his two adult children move from Arkansas to Texas to start a new life. The year has been difficult, but they're finally coming back together as a family. Along the way, 18-year-old Kai makes a confession that shakes their family to its roots: he not only loves them, he's in love with them, and wants to love them in every way...including physically. Ben's sexy 19-year-old daughter Dakota is all for it, but it takes their father a little time before he accepts their advances. They stop at a motel along the way to have a healing sexual romp in which they explore their blossoming familial sexuality, and both kids lose their virginity in the process. The experience brings them closer together, and they become devotees of this new style of family openness, where they share everything...including their bodies. ----- Excerpt ----- We were on the road about a quarter of the way between Little Rock and Midland when my 18-year-old son Kyle said, in a trembling voice, 'Guys. Listen. I have something very important to tell you.' I glanced at my dark-haired son and then at his sister, who sat on the other side of the cab. Dakota's expressive blue eyes met mine for a second, and for the thousandth time I was reminded of how much she reminded me of Nevaeh. Her mother had been Jamaican, a delightful mixture of various races who had loved life and had no qualms about showing it. She'd also never hesitated to speak her mind, as I was sure Kai was about to do. He'd hit puberty very late-and puberty had hit back. I couldn't pretend that I hadn't noticed him looking at the other boys at the city pool. I'd also found some twink sites on his computer browser history. I usually didn't spy on my kids, but the fact was that his grades had been plummeting, and I needed to know why. I figured Kai had finally realized he was gay, and had chosen this time to out himself. I shrugged as I looked at my daughter. Kota smiled and said cheerfully, 'Don't worry, Kai, we already know.' She'd confided her suspicions to me a few days before. Kai looked at her, shocked, then back at me. 'Know what?' he said, suspiciously. 'That you're gay.' I don't know what I expected at the pronouncement, but it wasn't laughter. Kai was so tickled he literally bent doubt as he guffawed, his dark hair dancing. 'I'm...not...gay!' he finally laughed. 'Oh!' my 19-year-old said, her face turning red. 'Sorry. We thought you were. I mean, we figured you like boys...' 'Yah, I like boys.' Kai straightened, still grinning, looking a lot more relaxed than before. 'But I like girls, too.' 'So what's the deal?' I wondered aloud. 'Well,' he said in his precise way, 'the truth is, sexuality is part of what I wanted to talk to you both about. As you know, puberty has been a real bitch to me, but I've figured some things out. First, I've figured out that I'm horny all the time.' 'Too much information!' Kota shouted, putting her hands over her ears. 'Second, I'm not gay,' he continued blithely. 'And third,' Kai said, 'I have...an unusual fetish, though a lot of people don't consider it to be one.' Emboldened, he took a deep breath, then reached out both hands, resting his left on my right thigh and his right on Dakota's left thigh. She was wearing shorts, so his hand contacted smooth brown skin; I was in jeans. 'This last year has been horrible in a lot of ways, but it's brought us closer together...and I think Mom would have liked that. Dad, Dakota...I don't just love you, I'm in love with you.' His face burned red under his tan. It took me a while to reply, and then I just said, 'H-how do you mean?' 'I mean in every way. I mean romantically. As in, I don't just love you and Dakota as my father and sister, I love you as man and woman. I want to become involved with you. I want to love you in all possible meanings of the word. I want to make love to you.'


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