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I Can't Keep Dating Like This von Richardson, Roderick (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.08.2016
  • Verlag: Rich Enterprises LLC
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I Can't Keep Dating Like This

Have you ever made some serious mistakes while dating? This book offers relational insight for those seeking to connect with lifelong partners. Many mistakes that singles make can be avoided through application of wisdom and recognizing common mistakes while dating.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 01.08.2016
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I Can't Keep Dating Like This

Chapter 1 The Person in Your Mind The Stereotype She walked into my office, sat down, and began to cry. "I thought he was the one! I thought he would be different! I didn't know he was like that!" How many times have I heard that! Many guys and ladies have graced my office with pain in their hearts, no money in the bank, and tears running down their cheeks. The story is always the same. A woman has fallen for the man in her mind. The man in her mind is the perfect gentleman. He has great credit. He has never been married. He is an avid exercise freak who knows how to set boundaries with his mother. He has his own house and car. He makes enough money to care for his future wife because she should not have to work. I know you're smiling right now. The guys are looking for a woman with a perfect complexion and lovely teeth. She has the apple bottom accompanied by perfect breasts and little to no waist. She doesn't have any kids, and she has her own materials to bring to the table. Don't forget that she is a freak under the sheets and a lady in the streets. She is unselfish and looking for the guy who's perfect for her. This is the ideal woman for the perfect man. This sounds great! The issue is that the woman or man in your mind doesn't exist. These characteristics have been collected over a lifetime of watching movies, soap operas, and sitcoms. This is the person in the magazine who smiles relentlessly at you, and you secretly smile back, hoping no one is looking. Unknowingly, the image stays in your head and becomes compiled on your "suitable mate" list, which is stored in your subconscious. You don't realize it's there until you meet someone, and then you compare him or her to this unrealistic list in your head. Now you're thirty, forty, or even fifty, and no one seems to come close to this scroll of criteria because the person you are seeking in your mind doesn't even exist on the planet! What Do You Want? I ask people all the time, "What kind of mate do you want?" Although many say they are not sure, most of the time the stereotypical imagery surfaces. The truth is, at the age of forty, a man or woman who fits the criteria in your head is as rare as a Komodo dragon. This, in fact, is why many people are single in the world today. They are searching for someone who exists only in their heads. When they realize that the person in their head is a part of their imagination, they have to recalibrate to determine what they really want. Before you get to that point, let's stop to examine what's on your proverbial list. The List Whether we know it or not, we all have a list. The list forms long before you lay eyes on the person. The list determines how you date and whom you allow in your life, and it even dictates your behavior once you think you're in a meaningful relationship. This list forms during the early years. It has criteria such as educational-attainment requirements, desired religious tradition, recreation compatibility, and type of affection, just to name a few. These are great characteristics to have in a mate. We all form this list based on our observations, teachings, and experiences. This hidden scroll of criteria is like a blueprint to measure each person who is a potential mate. Some people go as far as to write the list down and literally compare each person to it. Finding an individual who fits the list is about as likely as picking the winning numbers for the state lottery. Let's take a deeper look at the list and how a person accumulates the criteria. As a person matriculates through school, many things begin to shape his or her list of standards. The issue is that many of these criteria are pulled from unrealistic sources. Developing standards from a silly source creates unrealistic demands. Those demands, in turn, create impossible outcomes. We have all seen how perfect

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