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I Do Memoirs of Marriage. von Wolf-Klein, Gisele (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 18.09.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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I Do

In this collection of short stories about marriage , you will discover spouses struggling with unrealistic expectations, demanding in-laws, disruptive job transfers, financial woes, difficult children, illnesses and death. Real life. Tough, common problems. You will also encounter extraordinary individuals, blessed with the unique gift of true love, determined to constantly prioritize their spouse's well-being and happiness over any other need.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 18.09.2014
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    ISBN: 9781631922800
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I Do

CHAPTER I: Marion and Norman (66 years) "The Single Marriage-So Last Century" By Marion Gladney-Glasserow There was still somewhat of a post war housing shortage in 1948. My soon-to-be husband and I were even shorter on available cash and steady income. To my father's great chagrin, his only daughter was planning to marry an unemployed disc jockey, in those days known more dignified as radio announcer. After our quite elegant wedding atop the Hotel Pierre, we had originally planned to work and live in Washington, DC. But as Norman suddenly quit his job at WWDC Radio, we needed to retrieve the pots, linens and gadgets I had provisionally shipped to the two-room address we had rented in advance of the September wedding. My brother Ric was sent along as chaperone in my battleship gray Frazer. It soon developed a radiator leak requiring frequent stops for refills in the August heat. When we finally got to the apartment in which the three of us were planning to crash, the blast of DC summer that hit us when we opened the door sent us clear across the street to Hotel Statler's sumptuous air-conditioned luxury. We decided we could splurge for one night, all three bunking in one room. With not one job between us, there was no time for a honeymoon and no money either. And with no place to live it was urgent to return and milk our contacts. Norman had sold his car so he could buy the traditional flowers for the wedding. I got us one winter's worth of a sublease in the building where my folks lived. But there were six weeks between the wedding and the apartment's availability. Where to? As luck would have it, Domestic Relations Court Judge and Mrs. Dunham of Riverdale firmly believed a house should not stand empty when there were needy kids like us and well to do folks like them who happened to travel a lot. We answered an ad and were shown a lovely home and garden by their son. When Norman finally got up the courage to ask "how much?" in a tone that strongly suggested, "we can't afford it anyway", the answer was "how is $35 a month, if it doesn't hurt you too much?" We arrived there after a 24-hour honeymoon in New York. There were fresh flowers in every room, a stocked pantry and refrigerator and a charming note from lady Dunham welcoming us into her home, and advising us that we were free to use any room, linens, dishes and even the golden harp in the formal dining room. Adam and Eve in paradise--fully equipped, including the apple tree in the garden. When I brought my Adam a lovely autumn apple, he said emphatically, "you can't eat that!" I am convinced the boy from Brooklyn thought only store bought fruit is fit for human consumption. But, I too, was not accustomed to suburban life. The Health Department stopped by one morning to ask if I had seen any evidence of rats. I blushingly said "no", since I quickly realized the bits of stale bread I had frugally left on the back stoop for the birds, I thought, had brought the local rat population to the attention of the neighborhood. This was not the only beastly encounter in Eden, the bride began to itch! Too late in the summer for mosquitoes, wasn't it? When I showed off my welts and said I was sure they were fleabites, he pooh-poohed it, of course. "I can prove it to you". My father, a WWI vet, had told us that if you suspect fleas, fill a tub with water, remove your clothes very slowly, and shake them gently over the water. The fleas will jump in and drown. I performed! I had previous encounters with fleas when I lived in Brazil; but there I did the striptease without such an enthusiastic audience. Fleas in Eden probably left there by previous renters who took the dog with them but left the fleas behind. We could hardly afford an exterminator's visit for a ten-room house we didn't own. To call young Mr. Du

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