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The Men of Match Memoirs of a CyberDating Maven von Beckons, Nancy (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 17.09.2012
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Men of Match

The Men of Match is a voyeuristic look into a two year cyber journey of a woman in search of her soul mate on the world's largest online dating site, Match com. Readers will travel vicariously through the author's most laughable, insightful, sometimes sad and bizarre adventures with Match Men. They are as varied as the quick talking financial trader, one who calls himself a Conch King, to a British Match Man living in France. Many of the stories could be YOURS! Live dialogue of the Match Men throughout is sure to intrigue and fascinate you with how men really think and all they have to say about women. A sampling of chapters includes, Romance at Every Degree, Sticky Issues, Unmatched Adventures, The Best and Funniest Profiles, In Less Than Sixty Seconds to, Men Are Just Too Funny! Coming straight from the horse's mouth, Match Men fascinate with their tell-all quest for that elusive dream girl. Through all of her encounters and dates with Match Men, author Nancy Beckons offers readers some hard lessons learned and concludes with some of her own valuable insights and discoveries about men, love, relationships and soul mates. Find out how the journey ends for Nancy Beckons. A surprise victory awaits readers after they are jolted by the events of one of her last Match Men.


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The Men of Match


Who Are The Men of Match?

I love the following actual introductory emails. Some of them are funny and others you find yourself thinking: You can't find a Match... Go Figure! I have to wonder who the Match Men are

...In Their Own Words (typos and all):

Didn't you know ......that all men are imposters for the first two weeks of a relationship? Eventually you'll come to find us out, and who we really are .

So who wouldn't want to meet a man who claims to be an imposter from the start?

Here I am: please find me! I'm trying this again. I've had some good luck, with Match.com, and even had a relationship for a while, but it just couldn't go the distance. I would love to find the right girl, and with luck, be the right guy for her.

I need to tell you that the photos in my profile are a couple of years old. Since they were taken I have gained 70 lbs., gone completely bald, gotten several facial tattoos and piercings and developed a strange and annoying limp. Other than that, I haven't changed a bit! How about you?

My mach huh.... Who knows I haven't found anyone to put up with me yet. Been single all my life. Had long relationships but they all ran thare course.

Boy Scout meets mercenary... .a true and loyal friend and a ruthless enemy. Faithful lover with a quick disconnect if not happy. A Templar Knight in a modern world...saving the good and, well, not very tolerant of the bad.

Love Bends The Mind! (What more can anyone say about love?)

Subject: How to capture the attention...of a beautiful woman from the computer...

Hmmm...quite the challenge. And you probably only get one shot at making that first impression so absolutely no pressure...right! :) Well here goes. When I saw your profile I stopped immediately- you have very pretty engaging eyes. And are a stunningly attractive woman. So my attention was caught. Then I read your profile and it was very well written (you have no idea) and evidenced a very intelligent educated lady. Then I learned how successful and passionate you are about your career and interests- and as a former professional athlete (golf does that count?) I was very impressed. I very much appreciate a woman with varied interests who is well balanced-and that seems to be incredibly difficult to find. So after reading your profile-twice! Lol...I felt compelled to introduce myself. My name is Brett. I am a successful professional who is very athletic passionate fit fun and genuine (my PR guy keeps pushing me to be immodest! :)

So to recap-fun passionate good guy is very intrigued by a beautiful successful fit diverse woman- takes a chance and says hello. Now he sits on pins and needles seeing if she replies favorably! If this does nothing more than put the smallest smile on your face I just had a good day and you should definitely e-mail me back! Have a fantastic day.

Subject: Nice Profile!

You look great too. Most of the women on here look like they just got out of prison for murdering their husband while on crack...a French fry short of being a Happy Meal. Hope you are doing well. I started this ride with the somewhat reserved hope that I might meet someone in Savannah. Then, I added 10 miles, then 25, 50, 100...now 200. I am about to throw the towel in and bag it. However...my search mileage criteria has increased with the size of asses and deplorable women that respond on here. Why is it that all the good looking girls live a ways away and the lab rats seem to be closer. Just a thought. I wonder if it's the same for the girls, or is it a match.com scam that keeps you searching...and paying.

Avast Me Lass! OK Ms Youthful, confident, sexy great package, what's the catch?

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