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The Relationship Protocol How to Talk, Defuse and Build Healthier Relationships. von Roberts, Debra M. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.07.2015
  • Verlag: Jade Oyster, LLC
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The Relationship Protocol

Are you having trouble communicating with an important person in your life? Is your relationship in crisis? Are you looking for tools and techniques you can use today? The Relationship Protocol is the easy to use, step-by-step guide on how to communicate effectively in all of your important relationships - romantic, family, business and friendships. Learn how to deal with and resolve real-life conflicts. Navigate tough situations. Take control and defuse heated arguments. Bring up sensitive topics and recover from setbacks. Instill hope when lost, and rebuild trust. Read The Relationship Protocol today to make your relationships more enjoyable and less complicated.


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The Relationship Protocol

"Whenever I feel overwhelmed and a bit out of control, I remind myself how important this person is to me and how they are a priority in my life. This system taught me to do this."

Chapter One


A re you comfortable bringing up sensitive topics? Do you know how to resolve your differences or stop an argument that keeps escalating?

Most people don't. Most people become quiet and ignore the situation, or they get angry and upset, which, of course, never resolves anything. The problems then keep coming back every time the same topic or situation comes up.

Lack of communication and not knowing how to resolve conflicts can create distress and confusion in any close relationship.

I have been a marital and relationship therapist in private practice for more than twenty years, and I know this statement to be true. Many people in close relationships don't know how to talk to each other. When communication breaks down, conflicts both big and small don't get resolved, and everyone is left feeling unsatisfied.

How we talk to each other is the key.

Problems in relationships don't usually change until the individuals learn how to talk to each other. This means that the way we communicate is a critical factor in making our relationships work well.

Everyone wants his or her life to be more enjoyable and less complicated. Yet, as sophisticated as we are, we don't always know how to navigate through the tough times. Because there are no cookie-cutter solutions for solving relationship problems, having some basic communication tools to get through the rough spots can be incredibly helpful.

The Relationship Protocol (also known in this book as "the RP" and "the Protocol") was created just for that purpose. It gives you a framework to help you communicate better in all of your important relationships.

Think of the RP like the secret sauce in any great family recipe that makes you want to go back for more. In straightforward terms, the Relationship Protocol will teach you that magic little secret to improving your relationships.

The RP can be used to communicate better or to resolve conflicts with your partner, family members, friends, or business associates.

From conflict to communication with the Relationship Protocol

I frequently work with conflicted relationships that have long histories of problems. Because how people argue is far more important than what they argue about, I usually start by giving them the RP tools. More often than not, these communication tools help my clients resolve their differences.

Here's the core belief behind the RP model:

If two people are having problems getting along or their communication isn't great, how can they possibly begin to resolve anything of importance?

I want to teach you how to work through your own issues, build trust in your relationships, and if needed, inject some hope to make things better. You will understand how healthy people communicate and how to defuse and de-escalate conflicts.

Unfortunately, at different times in our lives, we all experience conflicts and relationship struggles. My primary goal is to equip you with new skills to feel more confident and competent in dealing with them.

The RP can teach you how to be a more thoughtful and effective communicator. You will learn how to

express yourself more comfortably;
break ongoing negative communication patterns;
reduce escalating arguments;
approach the other person and respond more effectively; and
recover more quickly from conflicts.
Important note: If you are thinking of cutting off a significant person in your life or ending a marriage, consider reading this book first. Learn the RP and mak

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