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Austria, Vienna. A favourite dress that I've outgrown von Klickermann, Christa (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.08.2015
  • Verlag: more than books
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Austria, Vienna. A favourite dress that I've outgrown

What Europe is and what it should be is often the subject of passionate debate. A unique concept whereby several nations are brought together under a humane, democratic system? The strongest economy in the world? A patchwork of different cultures? A tolerant home for freethinkers and the persecuted? For Christa Klickermann, a 58-year-old native of Salzburg who now lives in Hamburg, Europe is, above all, somewhere she can call her own extended home. A loveable continent and a great place to live; a place of myriad cultures that shapes and inspires her in her daily life as a woman, mother and entrepreneur in the midst of life. A place so dear to her heart that she has decided to take a fresh look at Europe and, since 2012, has spent her time journeying across its borders. With a great deal of empathy and openness, she sets out to discover Europe's people, their culture and their modern, everyday lives up close. Vienna, the charming capital of Austria, was the fifth capital on her journey. Christa Klickermann has always been passionate about building good relationships both at work and in her private life. For 25 years, she worked on forming effective partnerships with her business clients during her time as a freelance marketing consultant in the field of customer management. Away from work, the 58-year-old Austrian has been happily married for 37 years and is mother to three grown-up children, as well as being a grandmother. In 2012 she said goodbye to her career and fulfilled a long-held dream by moving with her husband from Bavaria to the very north of Germany. She now lives and works in Hamburg as a freelance author, speaker and blogger. On her travels, in her Europeans at Heart book series and in her intercultural panel sessions/readings, she tries to gain a closer understanding of people and their cultures, whilst promoting a peaceful and humane Europe.


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Austria, Vienna. A favourite dress that I've outgrown

A favourite dress that I've outgrown Vienna, the capital of my country of birth and a place I know well thanks to countless school trips and tourist visits. This time I'm here not to gaze in amazement at Schönbrunn Palace or the city's art nouveau architecture, but to find out just how much I have been shaped by the country's mentality, and what Austria means to me today. To prepare myself for our trip to Vienna, a place that seems to encapsulate everything that is both good and bad about the country of my youth, Austria, I decided to start with something special; first and foremost, I need to see the bigger picture. That is why we are driving along the scenic route, past Grinzing, to a place which bears the beautiful name Am Himmel [on Heaven]. It's a magnificent park landscape and the ideal place to walk, picnic and recharge your batteries away from the stresses of city life. 11 hectares of green space, designed and maintained by the Kuratorium Wald woodland board which features many delights including a large meadow encircled by trees. It is here that Bernd and I sit and, from a safe distance, look out over the skyline of the city that I know so well. That is because Vienna, with its cultural and historical sights, was a prime destination for our class trips when I was at school. I've lost count of the times we visited St Stephen's Cathedral, Grinzing's wine taverns, the Donau City, the Museum Quarter, the State Opera, the Hofburg Palace ... but this time I'm not here to sightsee. This time I would like to close the chapter of my youth. A legendary Viennese coffee house - often an ideal location to start anything in life - seems like the perfect place to begin. They say that Vienna's first coffee house was founded by an Armenian spy called Deodato who was one of the few people who knew what to do with the mysterious brown beans which appeared in their sackfuls at the end of the Turkish occupation in 1683. No one knows for certain if this story is true, but one thing is for sure: Vienna's coffee houses have long been a place for its residents to meet and discuss their views on the world; they are an essential part, and reflection of, daily life in the city. This is where people have always come to talk about politics, make the world a better place, trade and even flirt - except now it's done over an espresso and with Wi-Fi, as well as a smattering of recorded Strauss and Mozart melodies being played on repeat. We decide to head towards one of the city's oldest coffee houses, located right at the heart of the Viennese cultural mile: Café Bellaria.

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