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Czech, Prague. Goose bumps in the Golden city von Klickermann, Christa (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.08.2015
  • Verlag: more than books
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Czech, Prague. Goose bumps in the Golden city

What Europe is and what it should be is often the subject of passionate debate. A unique concept whereby several nations are brought together under a humane, democratic system? The strongest economy in the world? A patchwork of different cultures? A tolerant home for freethinkers and the persecuted? For Christa Klickermann, a 58-year-old native of Salzburg who now lives in Hamburg, Europe is, above all, somewhere she can call her own extended home. A loveable continent and a great place to live; a place of myriad cultures that shapes and inspires her in her daily life as a woman, mother and entrepreneur in the midst of life. A place so dear to her heart that she has decided to take a fresh look at Europe and, since 2012, has spent her time journeying across its borders. With a great deal of empathy and openness, she sets out to discover Europe's people, their culture and their modern, everyday lives up close. Prague, the impressive capital of Czech Republic, was the ninth capital on her journey. Christa Klickermann has always been passionate about building good relationships both at work and in her private life. For 25 years, she worked on forming effective partnerships with her business clients during her time as a freelance marketing consultant in the field of customer management. Away from work, the 58-year-old Austrian has been happily married for 37 years and is mother to three grown-up children, as well as being a grandmother. In 2012 she said goodbye to her career and fulfilled a long-held dream by moving with her husband from Bavaria to the very north of Germany. She now lives and works in Hamburg as a freelance author, speaker and blogger. On her travels, in her Europeans at Heart book series and in her intercultural panel sessions/readings, she tries to gain a closer understanding of people and their cultures, whilst promoting a peaceful and humane Europe.


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Czech, Prague. Goose bumps in the Golden city

Czech Republik, Prague. Goosebumps in the Golden City The dynamic city of Prague is a real treasure trove. Its centuries-old architecture and culture are appreciated not only by tourists from all over the world, but by students and international film producers as well. In 1989 this city situated on the Moldova River witnessed one of the most moving historical moments of recent years. It heralded a new age for the whole of Europe, and brought us all unimagined freedoms. ...... After all my notes on Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava have been safely uploaded onto my laptop, after all the water meter bills, tax office letters and chimney sweep invoices waiting for us at home have been dealt with, and after all my contact details, travel guides and itineraries have been prepared for the next stage, there's nothing left to do but pack: next stop Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and the ninth stop on my European trip. For now, this will be the last destination we travel to by car; the next countries we visit will be quicker to reach either by plane, train or by boat. That is why, on this journey, we want to take our time, leaving the motorway in favour of quieter roads. We drive along winding Austrian and Czech country roads, past hilly, rich-green meadows, isolated farmyards and the remnants of the former border which used to run through Philippsburg, as we make our way to Prague. Our mood is reflective as we journey through forgotten tracts of land and deserted villages where time appears to have stopped years ago; 75% of Czechs have moved to the cities in recent years to find work and better wages. 'The early bird catches the worm!' That was my Dad's morning wake-up call when he used to get me and my sisters up every day to go to school. We used to roll out of our beds half-asleep, willing to give anything, even our favourite dolls, to just once be able to stay in bed - to just once be able to play truant. Of course, being the children of a headmaster, that was the absolute taboo. My dad would be amazed if he knew that I eventually ended up adopting his motto as my own. Now I love getting up with the birds, especially during this journey; it allows me to catch a glimpse of special places and tourist hotspots before anyone else. And so, on this beautiful spring morning, we flag down a passing taxi. The driver, an elegantly-dressed man in his mid-30s, quickly jumps out of his new Mercedes and politely holds the door open for us. Goodness me, so much energy at this early hour! I think I may have met my match.

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