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Brooklyn Birth: Sicilian Soul von D'Allessandro, F. Anthony (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.12.2014
  • Verlag: First Edition Design Publishing
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Brooklyn Birth: Sicilian Soul

D'Alessandro began his writing career by publishing exposes, essays, and short stories. After accomplishing his lifelong dream of running with the bulls, he published a piece in a literary journal entitled. 'A Coward's Guide to Running with the Bulls. That done, he wrote a practical piece for a magazine explaining some tips to follow in order to successfully run with the bulls. He was invited to speak at Dr.Ray Heitzman's Writing for Publication Conference.' D'Alessandro planned to speak of published short stories and essays. A week before the conference as they prepared for their son's law school graduation party, he found himself painting the aging swing set. In terms of poetry writing, the rest is history. He read the poem at the conference, got it published and began publishing poetry. While awaiting his turn to speak at a writer's conference, he noted a speaker observing that when he was gone he didn't want people, friends, relatives and children wasting their time looking for him at a memorial park. The lecturer suggested that he rather they rummages writings post published and unpublished to learn more about him. These words provoke the writer to fill this book with his published poetry so many of his ideas folded up and stored away in caverns of his mind or dust filled garages, trapped in sealed boxes. Time I come to unwrap this patch quilt of ritual experiences and deliver them to sunlight to be shared with others that are now nestled within the bindings of this book. Any time any of his loved ones needs to find him all they need do is arrange a rendezvous with the writings. Brooklyn Birth: Sicilian Soul is a compilation of most of the poet's award-winning and/or published poetry. This poetry follows his life from a Brooklyn childhood, a long teaching career, marriage, fatherhood and ultimately grand parenting. This book presents a verbal canvas of the poet's days, preteen years spent on commercial fishing boats with earthy Sicilian fisherman, to late-night summer stickball games and steamy Brooklyn streets, waffle Wednesday dining with elementary school friends, and to savory spaghetti Sundays, surrounded by tasty food and most caring wonderful and generous family. This verbal travelogue captures his discovery of his one and only romantic dream love, the breathtaking exciting births of each and every one of his children and grandchildren, and it chronicles the joy and lessons that he learned from thousands of students that he taught. This tome includes a section on the Emerald Isle, which is one of his favorite places to visit, and pays tribute to the Vietnam heroes of his past. It captures the winding and wondrous journey and essence of this writer. The author dedicated the book to the women of his life who patiently helped him develop literacy, a mom who consistently told and retold stories when he made his boyhood requests, women who supplied simpatico, inspiration, and voice. He also enormously grateful to the Holy Spirit for whispering ideas that inspired the poetry. F. Anthony D'Alessandro was associate editor of the defunct Halo-American Times. D'Alessandro's work has appeared in CUNY and University of Texas publications. He's published in Chicken Soup for Father's Soul, Modern Bride, Teaching K-8, American School Board Journal, Newsday, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, and the Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel to mention a few. In the spring of 2014, the Goose River Anthology published his book, Brooklyn Birth: Sicilian Soul. Currently, he's a correspondent for the Times of Sicily. He's taught at high school level for three decades and at the college level for 15 years. A retired high school Educator of the Year, he teaches a Valencia College and serves as Coordinator of Student Teachers for the University of Central Florida.


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