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Confessions of A White, Southern Sugar Baby von Wade, E. Kashka (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.07.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Confessions of A White, Southern Sugar Baby

Confessions of A White, Southern Sugar Baby evolved from the crazed. racist mind of a sociopathic White man that chronicled the story of a former prostitute that was sold into prostitution, at age sixteen, by her sharecropping father. Penelope's sharecropping father sold her to a wealthy Southern businessman for a measly five thousand dollars.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 22.07.2014
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    ISBN: 9781483534008
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Confessions of A White, Southern Sugar Baby


Ms. Emily

Ms. Emily was born in Savannah, Georgia to Sara Boudreaux, who was a nanny to a wealthy Italian family in New York. Sara was light-skinned with green eyes, with coffee-colored skin, even though her mother was Jamaican; she was the daughter of a White plantation owner's son there in Jamaica. Apparently, that is where Sara's light skin and green eye-color originated from. The owner of the plantation found out and shipped Emily's grandmother and her unborn child to New York, with a tidy sum of $100. The owner did not want a bastard child running around the plantation. The plantation owner's son was preparing to wed into another wealthy family on the island; and did not want any reminders of his indiscretions. Sara was raised in front of a wood-burning stove, with the help of a crusty, old woman, but the mother died in childbirth and was raised by a wet nurse. Sara grew up poor; eventually went to work for an Italian family in New York; and she was the nanny to four children. The family's oldest son was seventeen; and his name was Pietro; he always caught Sara in the hallway or a room alone; and he would press his hard cock against her, grab her tits and squeeze them. One day, he put his hands between her legs and rubbed her pussy, making it very wet. She moaned because it felt so good, but hearing the little ones waking up from their nap, she pushed Pietro away. Pietro smelled his hand and rubbed his cock with it, thinking that one day he was going to fuck her and fuck her real good, for he wondered if anyone had busted that cherry or not; and he wanted to be her first.

One evening, the husband and wife of the family were all dressed up to go out for a big party. It was some kind of election party; and Sara didn't know anything about politics. They were all dressed up, including Pietro, who looked very handsome in his tuxedo. The family would be away all evening; so Sara put the little ones to bed; went to the kitchen and made herself a sandwich, with a glass of milk; and headed to her room, which was located down the hall from the little ones' room. After she finished eating her sandwich and drinking her milk, she placed another log on the fire and went to bed. Suddenly, Sara was awakened by a hand over her mouth, with a whispering voice telling her not to cry out. It was Pietro, smelling of alcohol. "What are you doing? Where are your parents?" Sara said. Pietro replied, "They're still at the party; I came to party with you." He stood up and started removing his pants. She told him "No!" and to leave or she would tell his parents. She started to stand up, but he shoved her back on the bed. "Bitch you won't tell anything," he snapped. "Whose gonna believe a nigger bitch over a White man?" He finished undressing himself, with his hard cock; and he began to stroke it. Again, Pietro snapped, "Bitch...get over here, you nasty nigger whore!" She crawled out of the bed. He ripped her nightgown off and said, "On your knees, bitch!" She began crying and he back-handed her to the mouth. "Shut up," he said. "Open your mouth!" He shoved his long, hard, and wet cock into her bloodied mouth until she gagged. "Suck on it! Now, lick it...all of it." Pietro said. Then, he grabbed her head and was fucking her mouth. "Oh God, that feels so good," he said. "Those uppity White bitches won't suck cock," he said. "Oh yeah, baby, it feels so good," he said. Then, he shot his load down her throat; she gagged and spit it out; he slapped her again; and said, "Next time, bitch, swallow it." Forcefully, he dragged her over to the bed, pushed her down and said, "Oh, come on Sara, you know you want me! You know that nasty, hairy-ass pussy is wet." He s

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