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Forbidden von Bradshaw, Penny S. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.05.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Through a bizarre twist of fate, two best friends will suddenly find themselves in the middle of a deadly discovery that is so 'Forbidden' that it will leave them fighting for their lives, but only one will survive. And what appeared to be just another horrible accident leaving two people dead on the side of a hill, was actually the unraveling of a ominous secret that lead to murder. This book contains BONUS MATERIAL: Love's Final Destination, Revenge!


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: none
    Seitenzahl: 150
    Erscheinungsdatum: 22.05.2015
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483554631
    Verlag: BookBaby
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Four Days Prior...

" S hannon! Girl, what is wrong with you?" Zoe asked in a tone as though she was chastising a hyperactive child, instead of her 23 year old best friend.

Shannon jumped at the sound of her name being called, and in the process managed to leave behind a dark smudge of navy blue mascara under her slightly red eye. It would have been obvious to anyone within 10 feet of her trembling hands that her nerves were out of control.

"Girlfriend, as my grandmother would say, 'you are as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs!' What is your problem?" Zoe made sure she poured on the southern accent pretty thick while imitating her grandmother in hopes that it would make Shannon laugh.

Shannon is now beyond trembling to just shy of shaking uncontrollably as she tries to remove the signs of raccoon eyes with a Q-tip, so she can re-apply her makeup. If this person staring back in the mirror was anyone other than Shannon Taylor, it might not have seemed so ridiculous. But Shannon was such an expert at applying makeup, she could be a Cover Girl, and could provide the makeup artists with a few tips on how to maximize the affect with the minimum amount of product. Shannon has been making You Tube videos on "how to" apply mascara, blush, foundation and sculpting the perfect eyebrow since she was sixteen years old. Therefore, to see her this uncoordinated was a little unnerving for Zoe.

As her raccoon eyes glares at Shannon in disbelief, she finally gives up on the whole idea of applying her mascara. Now totally frustrated, she puts the applicator down on the bathroom counter, and then turns to face Zoe with tear-filled eyes. Naturally, the tears only managed to emphasize the raccoon eyes even more. But, Zoe didn't have the heart to tell that now she looks like a rabid raccoon on steroids.

"Zee, I know what you're gonna say, and yes, I know it sounds crazy. But, the idea of having Perry meet my parents for the first time is scaring me to death! I mean, what if they don't like him?" Shannon asked.

"Oh boy, she must be desperate. She only calls me Zee when she's begging for a favor," Zoe thought to herself. Zoe walked over to Shannon, covered her trembling hands with her own to give her comfort as any good friend will do.

These two girls are about as opposite as any two people can be, but they have always considered themselves as two sides of one coin. Zoe is African-American, outspoken, overly confident in whatever she does and stunningly beautiful in an almost regal manner without even trying. Shannon is Caucasian, always second guessing herself, naturally brilliant in her studies, eager to please others and often referred to as downright gorgeous. They often described their relationship as finding one's long lost sister. Therefore, no matter how much they tease each other, there is never any question that they will always have each other's back.

"Shannon, c'mon now. You've got to be kidding me. Let's get real for a moment. If it was anyone else besides Perry, I could see where you were coming from being a ball of nerves. But, not when it comes to Mr. Perfect!" Zoe stated, only half kidding.

"Seriously though, you know me, and you know I don't say this stuff often, but Perry is a really great guy. And Lord knows that for whatever reason that only he understands, Perry loves you more than anyone deserves to be loved! Of course, it goes without saying that you better not tell him I ever said that, because I will deny it-- even if it is true."

Shannon couldn't help but smile at the sound of these words, and Zoe could feel her tension easing just a bit, so she continued.

"Now don't get me wrong, I know meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time or vice versa as in this case, is scary to everyone. We've all been there before. Even I have had a couple of meeting

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