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Mind Vision von Blackmon, W. C. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 28.01.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Mind Vision

Mind Vision begins with the sharing of a significant life change which served as a major catalyst for redirecting the author's own life, and then flows into prose, poetry, and meaningful sensible quotations that help to guide readers into and through real life concerns such as the importance of effective communication, relationships of love, friendship, and parenting, as well as the necessity for self-understanding. Mind Vision not only teaches that goals and-or dreams are attainable, but take that next step by providing real life (living) situations to show how such is accomplished in spite of barriers or prognosticated percentages. In 'Mind Vision,' one has in hand a book that with the sharing of a few words can easily become a true friend; one that can be reliably depended upon for wisdom, guidance, inspiration, encouragement, entertainment, and introspection by way of understanding throughout the living of life.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 28.01.2016
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Mind Vision

Door to Transition "The Day the Chickens Disappeared" I remember well when I was a child, running wild amongst the trees and bushes or darting between the stalks of my grandmother's corn field. "I'm a fast one," I would say to myself, and so believing, I couldn't wait until I was older. I would do it all: play basketball, wrestle, run track, and after training hard enough, I'd compete in the Olympics or maybe even play football in the NFL. Although just a young boy not in grade school yet, I had no doubt in my heart and mind that I would accomplish most, if not all of these dreams. However, before I even reached kindergarten, my aspirations received a blow from life's winds that forever changed the direction of my objectives, goals, and life. I lost the ability to see. I can remember the day it happened better than any other eventful day in my life. I sat at my babysitter Ms. Stella's kitchen table redrawing the cartoons out of the newspaper. I was about half way through my second drawing when I heard Ms. Stella's chickens out in the backyard creating a fuss. Getting up and going to the back door, I looked out to see exactly what was bothering them so. Standing in the doorway I found that I had to shade my eyes and squint, but squint as I might, the only thing that filled my sight was the sun's beaming rays as they shone through the old screen door along with a blurry outline of the chickens I was trying so hard to see. When I told this to Ms. Stella, it was obvious that she thought I was telling a bad joke. "Boy, you quit playing and come on back to this table and finish your picture drawing." Looking back on things today, I really can't find any falt in her thought process. I had always been an imaginative child, perfectly willing to entertain myself and whoever else was willing to be entertained along with me. Ms. Stella's taking my complaints lightly seemed to be justified, because right at that moment, I began to see again. I suppose I should have panicked or something about not being able to see the chickens just moments before, but I just did as Ms. Stella told me. However, as I sat back down to draw, my vision blurred once more and left me unable to see the trace of lines on the drawing page that was mere inches from my face. With frustration now tingeing my five-year-old voice I cried out... "I can't see my paper!" I don't believe Ms. Stella's eyes ever even lifted from the newspaper she was reading. I continued. "My brother told me that when I couldn't see, I should turn around three times really fast." It wasn't true, for nothing like this had ever happened to me before. To this very day I don't know where that little tale came from. Still thinking that I was just joking about it all she simply called out in a singsong voice, "Okay," and went on with her reading. Ms. Stella didn't appear to be too worried about what was happening, and the little kid I was didn't feel any real need to be either. With a child's natural ease of adapting to new situations, I simply stood, and stretching my arms out wide, spun around once, twice, three times. The amazing thing was that after my third wind mill turn, I was actually able to see again. Maybe some doctor could explain how and why this may have had an effect on my eyesight, but for the little boy that I was, it was magic! Elated, I sat back down to resume my drawing, but moments later, my ability to see once again blurred, then faded to nothing. Getting up, I tried spinning around again, but this time it didn't help. Nothing helped. My eyesight was gone. Discouraged and frustrated, tears began to leak from my eyes. Even at this moment, I don't think Ms. Stella believed that I was serious about not being able to see, but now she was definitely convinced that something was wrong. I ha

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