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Poems von McElroy, Crocket (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.09.2016
  • Verlag: anboco
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POEMS OF PATRIOTISM. Our Country and Our Flag, The Flag of Hobson's Choice, The Old Soldier, Washington, A Voice for Freedom, The Reconcentrados, The Celebration, Ode to Ontario, The United States and Canada, Ode to Our Country, POEMS OF SENTIMENT. The Milk of Human Kindness, The Working Girl, The Wayward Girl, The Rose Cure, To a Snow Drop, A Family Song, Thanksgiving Day, Parental Advice, The Doctor, Brotherly Love, The Minister's Wife, Nothing to Say, The Heart, My Darling Flora's Margaret,{5} The Rich Sweet Sound of the Human Voice, The Man for the Times, POEMS OF FEELING. To My Soul, Dear Rolla, To the Memory of a Good Woman, On the Death of Mrs. Maggie Blood, To the Memory of Mrs. Fidelia Whitaker, Braver the Sick, Do not Die Tonight, On the Death of Mary McElroy, Address to Death, To the Memory of Mrs. Hon. Justin R. Whiting, Captain Archie Morrison, POEMS OF DESCRIPTION. Where the Wind Blows, Ode to Lake Superior, The Dundas Valley, The St. Clair River, MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. Compensation, Expansion, Fear Not, Lorain, The Teacher, A Gem, The China Wedding, The Honest Man's Fate, Time and Tide, Christmas Day, Progressive Euchre,{6} The Winner, A Walk by Moonlight, The Painter, A Doctor's Advice, Here I Am, A Christmas Turkey, To Mrs. Harriet S. DeLano and Her Baby, For the Baby, Lines on My Father, Advice to a Young Poet, An Acrostic, Charley's Puppy, Merry Christmas, Temperance, The Folding Puzzle, In Florence's Album, In Lizzie Leonard's Album, In Henrietta's Album, In Worthy's Album, In Flora's Album, In Etta's Album, In Grace's Album, The Gallop of Life, Where Are All the People We Knew, The Honest Man, Beautiful Things, The Nurse, A Sweet Disposition, The Scow Race, A Happy Choice, Beautiful Flowers, The Value of a Friend,


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History tells of noble men,

Of soldiers brave and statesmen great,

And how they wrought with sword and pen,

To raise man to a higher state:

The good and wise in ev'ry age,

Left honored names to lean upon;

But not a name on hist'ry's page

Shines brighter than George Washington.

Great Hannibal the Alps did cross,

And proudly march on Italy;

But suffered a tremendous loss,

By giving way to revelry;

Philip won at Charonea,

And Caesar crossed the Rubicon;

Alexander conquered Persia;

But nobler was our Washington.

Cromwell wielded a dreaded sword.

And thousands fell beneath his stroke;

Cruelty stained his ill gained hoard,

Nor could time mend the hearts he broke.

Peter the Great was truly great

But tortured to death his own son;

He builded up a mighty state,

But does not rank with Washington.

Cincinnatus was good and brave,

And fought for country, not for fame;

He left his plow his state to save,

And gave the world an honored name.

Mighty in war, in council strong,

Was the world famed Napoleon,

But oft ambition led him wrong;

This was not true of Washington.

Great warriors and statesmen wise,

Have filled the world with their renown,

And often when they gained a prize,

Have placed upon their heads a crown;

And frequently by deeds of shame,

Have lost the glory they had won,

No hero e'er had purer fame,

Than modest, honest Washington.

His brave soldiers he grandly led,

With frosted feet and hands all bare,

Over the cold earth's frozen bed,

Across the icy Delaware;

And when they met the foes of right,

They shouted loud, "Come on! Come on!!"

And cheered as they went in the fight,

"Hurrah! Hurrah!! for Washington."

A famous battle then was fought,

That spread our glory far and wide,

And tho thru suff'ring dearly bought,

It turned the tide to freedom's side;

Not ice, nor cold, nor frozen feet,

Could stop our heroes marching on,

So eager they the foe to meet,

And fight for love of Washington.

When victory at last was won,

And the foe driven from our sod,

The people said, "Well done, well done,"

Our hero said "Thanks be to God."

Some wanted him to be their King,

But not a crown would he put on;

Did ever King a nobler thing,

Than patriot soldier Washington?

"The first in war and first in peace,

And the hearts of his countrymen,"

A grateful nation ne'er will cease,

To class him with the wisest men:

For freedom's cause o'er all the world,

He prayed and labored, fought and won,

Where'er his country's flag's unfurled,

There cheers will rise for Washington.



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