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Poems von Anderson, William (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 03.07.2017
  • Verlag: anboco
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Landscape Lyrics. Sunrise, Morning farther advanced, Noonday, The Sunbeam, To a Wild Flower, Summer, Midsummer, The Sunshine of Poetry, Autumn, in its First Aspect, Autumn, in its Second Aspect, Sunset, Twilight, Moonlight on Land, Moonlight at Sea, Home Scenes, The Alpine Horn, Reflections on Death, Through the Wood.-Modern Ballad, [viii]Song of the Exile, To Fame, To a Bee, The Storm, 'Lazarus, Come Forth,' Sonnet. On the Approach of Summer, Beauty, To M. J. R., Sonnet. A Contrast, Sonnet. Roslin, On the Birth of a Niece, On her death, Sonnet. To Happiness, Thoughts, Loch Awe, The Wolf, The April Cloud, Spring, Poesy, Sonnet. To a Friend of the Author, The Gipsy's Lullaby, Woodland Song, Sonnet. The Ocean, Mount Horeb, Written beneath an Elm, The Wells o' Weary, [ix]Dryburgh Abbey, Grace, Matin, Immortality, Lines. On the Death of John Sinclair, Esq., Edinburgh, Weep not for the Dead, Idols, Truth, Sabbath Morn, Sabbath Eve, Dreams of the Living, Lines, Sonnets Written on Viewing Danby's Picture of the Deluge, Thought, Lines Written on the Attempted Assassination of the Queen, July 1840, Song.-'I'm Naebody Noo,' Song. 'There's Plenty Come to Woo me,' The Stout Old British Ship, Lines on the Infant Son and Daughter of Hon. Col. Montague, The Martyrs, Caledonia, My Country, Song. 'I Canna Sleep,' [x]Song. 'Yonder Sunny Brae,' The Eagle's Nest, The Advent of Truth, Lines Suggested by a Walk in a Garden, Sonnet. Sunshine, Song. 'At E'ening when the Kye war in,' Stanzas on a Bust of Marshal Ney, Winter, Human Conduct, Courtship Lines, Love-Weakness, Lines to the Rev. Henry Dudley Ryder, on reading his 'Angelicon,' The Poet, Light and Shadow, The Early Dead, A Dirge, A Benediction, Health, The Game of Life, Consumption, Change, Virtue, Vain Hopes, The Valley of Life, After Thought,


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